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Illinois, United States
Zone 5b Illinois - returning to rose growing hobby (in 2021) since I'm no longer traveling for work and spending much more time at home. Back in the 1990s (before the days of Internet) I maintained an 80 hybrid-tea garden and had connections at J&P which allowed me to have next year's new roses this year – a year in advance. Work and a move caused me to abandon that original garden and become a Knockout rosarian at the new home. With little available time and frequent travel out of town the low maintenance route was my only option. Also have a few bushes of Home Run and Nearly Wild. But now we have designed two new gardens (about 800 sq. ft. in all) so I have lots of room – I have ordered about 165 roses for Spring 2021 planting (wish me luck on that! – I'll have to hire my landscaper to provide labor!). I am much looking forward to the challenge of proving that I can keep even BS/PM magnets free of disease and bring even the tenderest of roses through the zone 5b winter (with protection of course). Favorite roses from the ole days would be Brigadoon, Marijke Koopman and Rio Samba - happy to see they're still around and I have ordered all three! Maybe in time (and COVID allowing) I'll even get back into Exhibiting - won multiple Virgin Queens some time ago (with Hoagy Carmichael and Lucille Ball if memory serves) - but let's see if I can take care of 165 plants first. October 28, 2020, updated April 14, 2021. November 8, 2021 Update - ended the year with 183 roses on the property spanning 121 distinct varieties.

Update July 2, 2023 - I now have 211 roses on the property. There's still room for a few more.
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