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Initial post 2 days ago by MADActuary

My Peace is blooming "oddly" - second year plant from Edmunds' is growing quite well - no complaints there. It's the blooms that look odd. It seems like the flower buds never quite fully develop before the sepals come down and flowering begins. Now in its second year the odd bloom has continued. The coloring of the bloom has a lot of white with very little yellow or pink. But the biggest thing is a rather large and green vegetative center. There are rose petals but the very center of the bloom is quite elevated (if not protruding) compared to other roses I grow. Has anyone ever experienced this with their Peace rose?

It's not overfertilization - my Peace has been under-fertilized if anything. Only organics have been used on Peace like Chicken manure, Fish emulsion and Kelp.

That said, where can you get the Peace Rose where it has been heat-treated to rejuvenate it and looks like the Peace of 50 years ago?
Reply #1 of 1 posted yesterday by Lee H.
I have a somewhat similar experience with a 2 year old, own root purchased from a supporting vendor of HMF. In my case, about 90% of blooms are stark white, akin to JFK. But at the same time, even on the same cane on the same day, I will get a beautiful “normal” Peace bloom. Appears to have nothing to do with heat, rain, or other environmental factors.
I note that a member in Jan. 2021 mentions that Star Roses distributes the rejuvenated variety (ID 105-476). I can’t vouch for the veracity of that claim, but it seems that if any entity had an interest in keeping Peace viable, it would be Meilland’s US distributor.
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Initial post 16 OCT by sohna
This rose is in the Nan Elliott Memorial Rose Garden in Alton, Illinois. I think it replaced Fame, which is not there, even though the plant list says it is (and no, I didn't mistake them; the marker says "Voluptuous.") It grows and blooms very well, about 4 feet tall, covered with blooms in October.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 24 OCT by MADActuary
First year budded (Dr. Huey) plant of Voluptuous did fabulously well in my Zone 5b (Chicagoland) garden this year. Very good vigor and prolific bloomer. Definitely a keeper for me.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 2 days ago by MADActuary
My Voluptuous came through winter unscathed and is perhaps the best performer in my garden in 2022. This is a very underrated HT. It's done so well that I am adding another one this year. Just a great garden rose.
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Initial post 3 days ago by MADActuary
One year old bushes are now blooming like a floribunda should! An outstanding performer for me in Zone 5b - came through winter unscathed. See photo I just uploaded.
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Initial post 3 days ago by MADActuary
3 bushes from Regan planted in early 2021. Came through winter with flying colors and is growing and blooming with reckless abandon. Best performer for me thus far in 2022. See the photo I just uploaded.
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