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Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
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Initial post 15 APR by Brewbarb
Please update us on your garden. How many roses made it? Where are you living now? I live in northern California, so if you need some more roses, I can give you some of mine.
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Initial post 24 JAN 23 by Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
Bred by Schreurs
Reply #1 of 1 posted 24 JAN 23 by HMF Admin
Thank you. Did you know the date too? Is there a specific reference we can record.
GardenLobo Rose
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Initial post 17 JAN 23 by Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
Hi Lobo,

I see you have a lot of roses I've been trying to replace that I lost in the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA in 2018. Would you be willing to send me cuttings, either as trades for something I have, or I'd be willing to pay for them? If not, I certainly understand. But just thought I'd ask. I also am helping John Bagnasco collect rare roses for his rose society auctions in the San Diego area. He is trying to save as many roses from extinction as he can. And you have quite a few that are no longer in circulation. If interested please let me know!

Thank you!,
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Initial post 27 JUL 22 by Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
Rose Listing Omission

Deep Purple

Florist rose - lavender with rosey accented guard petals - Gares Olij
Reply #1 of 1 posted 27 JUL 22 by jedmar
Added. We are usually reticent in adding florists roses, but in this case there is a story attached to it.
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