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Old Master is finally blooming. I really like it. It's a single and the blooms don't last long but the color is really lovely. A nice red and it's slightly ruffled so looks soft and fluffy. A bit more informal than your standard hybrid tea. I might try to cross it will Champagne Cocktail or Little Artist if I ever learn how to hybridize roses. All of my cuttings have died. Some of them looked like they might make it but no. At least my Champagne Cocktail survived the repotting. It has some great new growth. I'm not sure about my Rosie O'Donnell. It's possible all of the new grown are suckers and the original rose died. It's hard to tell. I'll have to wait for a bloom to see.
Have just identified mystery rose from Rogue Valley Nurseries. Lord Penzance. Out of stock with them but I have one and for free. Very pretty but might get big. 6-8 feet tall and just as wide. Not sure where I'll put it but it's so small it will live in a pot for a while.

Not very happy with "For the Love of Roses". I placed an order with them in January and they never shipped. I finally contacted them March 26 and they said they're not shipping anything due to Covid-19. While I understand that why didn't they ship before the lock down? The weather is just fine here. Was it really that bad in Tennessee? I paid top money too, almost double what they cost elsewhere. $220 worth of miniature roses. I got all of my other roses. I don't want them telling me it's too late to ship when this is over, then later that what I want is out of stock. Some of those roses are only available from them. And several of them I need to complete my landscaping plan. From now on I may have to stick to growers in California which would be a shame as the varieties available in California are limited.
19 FEB
I've finally identified the mystery miniature rose that survived along the garage. It's Irresistible. I recognized the name as one I had purchased in the past and the photos and descriptions fit. It is a good size and appears plenty healthy. Once the weeds were cleared away, it got more sun and the generous watering from this year's storms it is blooming away. In the clean up I found a tag for one of the miniatures that I've lost over the years. Luvvie. Really too bad. Beautiful rose and no longer available. So many of Dee Bennett's Tiny Petals roses have been lost over the years after the nursery closed. Really a pity. Not just hers but many of the other miniature rose breeders. There are a few available only in Canada that cannot be shipped to the U.S. Some are listed for nurseries that are now closed or if you check their current lists they no longer breed that particular one. So many out of stock. It's sad.
30 JAN
My order arrived from Rogue Valley Nursery.

Swalk will be planted in the southeast corner of the front to grow up the fence. Very close to SnowFire. I'll have to wait for it to get a lot bigger in hopes the dog doesn't kill it.

Tattooed Lady might be planted along the walk in the front. I think I'll wait for it to bloom first.

Old Master is a red. It is supposed to be able to tolerate a bit of shade so it will go in the back in the "red planter."

The mystery rose remains a mystery. I'll need to wait for it to bloom to identify it. Why Rogue Valley doesn't do that, I don't know. Not enough room? Too impatient? Don't have the time? I don't really care. It was free.
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