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Q & A FORUM with the search word "scent", found info. of roses with great scent: Maiden's Blush, Queen of Denmark, and City of York.
Making a list of roses that WAFT their scents across the entire yard, from Houzz's Antique Rose forum. For heavenly scent that floats in the air, or drifts through one's window:

Rosa Moschata (5 votes, scent that spread across 100 yards) & Sweet Eglantine (strong leaf-scent & spicy)
Darlow's Enigma (6 votes, zone 4b hardy & shade tolerant & thorny)
Secret Garden Musk Climber (3 votes & thorny & clove & dianthus scent & hardy & continuous blooming)
Bubble Bath (scent that spreads the entire garden, doesn't bloom much for hot & dry CA)
Marie Pavie (3 votes) & Sweet Chariot (2 votes) & Lavender Lassie (1 vote)
Paul's Himalayan Musk (2 votes, very large climber, once-blooming, zone 4b hardy)
Jaune Desprez (2 votes, tea-noisette, NOT cold-hardy, wafts 50 feet)
Zepherine Drouhin ( 4 votes & thornless & wafts 20 feet) & Great Maiden Blush (1 vote)
Madame Plantier (2 votes & thornless climber) & Fragrant Cloud (wafts 5 feet)
Felicia (2 votes & winter-protection & wafts 20 feet) & Cornelia (2 votes, 5' x 5' in cold zone)
Penelope (4' x 4', doesn't like pruning) & Moonlight (1 vote) & Bishop's Castle (1 vote)
Gloire des Rosomanes (1 vote) & Reine des Violettes (2 votes)
Fruehlingsgold (1 vote) & Vineyard song (1 vote) & Courageous (waft 15 feet)
Jubilee Celebration (1 vote) & Sombreuil (1 vote) & Madame Alfred Carriere (1 vote)

NOT A ROSE, but Sweet Autumn Clematis is mentioned as wonderful wafting scent. Gruss an Coberg & Lemon Spice & Papa Meilland & Young Lycidas & Grandmother's hat get the most votes for best-quality & addictive scents.
Making out my list of roses to buy for 2018: Souvenir du Docteur Jamain (shade & thornless), Yolande d'Aragon (shade & thornless), a second Mary Daly (sun, thornless), Zeph. Drouhin (shade & thornless & wafting scent), a second Perle d'Or (thornless, wafting scent). Second La Reine. LULLABY for wafting carnation scent. Cornelia for shade & cold tolerance, and Gruss an Coberg for outstanding scent.

Now is August 2, 2017 .. I truly hate Japanese Beetles. Still have bite-marks on my fingers from pinching them. The past week I set 2 Japanese Beetle traps FAR FROM MY ROSES, collected hudreds per day. At first I stomped on them with my feet, killed all. But later I put them into plastic bag, but I didn't jump on them well with my feet. Some were still alive .. ate through 2 layers of plastic bag, and crawled all over my garbage, flew out of my garage. From now on I jump on them really well and make sure they are all dead, before putting inside my garbage. Hundreds of dead JB also stank up my garbage can, I should had buried them in my garden !!
25 JUL
Shade tolerant roses posted by Mike in Dave's Garden forum as repeatbloomer Peekskill, NY(Zone 6b)

Alba (6): Celeste, Felicite Parmentier, Maxima, Mme Plantier, Morning Blush, Suaveolens

Bourbon (11): Barbara Worl, Bourbon Queen, Champion of the World, Charles Lawson, Hermosa, Honorine de Brabant, Louise Odier, Mme Isaac Pereire, Souvenir de la Malmaison, Souvenir de St. Anne’s

Centifolia (6): Alain Blanchard, Bullata, Duc de Fitzjames, Duchesse d’Angouleme, Fantin-Latour, York and Lancaster

China (11): Cardinal de Richelieu, Comtesse de Lacepede, Duchese de Montebello, Green Rose, Hermosa, Irene Watts, Louis XIV, Mateo’s Silk Butterflies, Mme Laurette Messimy, Old Blush, Sophie’s Perpetual

Climber (11): Altissimo, Blaze, Coral Dawn, Floire de Dijon, Fourth of July, Fred Loads Mermaid, Kiftsgate, Mlle Cecile Brunner, New Dawn, Sombreuil, Zephirine Drouhin

Damask (5): Celsiana, La Ville de Bruxelles, Madame Hardy, President Dutailly, Rose d’Hivers

English Rose (11): Abraham Darby, Ambridge, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Chianti, English Garden, Glamis Castle, Golden Celbration, Heritage Sharifa, Swan, The Alexander Rose, The Prince

Floribunda (16): Amber Queen, Angel Face, Betty Boop, Betty Prior, Blueberry Hill, Dolly, Gruss an Aachen, Ivory Fashion, Joseph’s Coat, Flower Carpet, Fred Loads, Livin’ Easy, Marmalade Skies, Playboy, Playgirl, Sweet Vivian

Gallica Rose (86): Apothecary’s Rose, Rosa Mundi, Tuscany, Jenny Duval, William Grant, Complilcata, Adele Prevost, Empress Josephine, Agathe Incarnata, Alexandre Laquement, Ambroise Pare, Antonia d’Ormois, Assemblage des Beautes, Beau Narcisse, Belle des Jardins, Belle Doria, Belle Herminie, Belle Isis, Belle sans Flatterie, Bossuet, Boule de Nanteuil, Bouquet de Venus, Camaieux, Camaieux Reversion, Charles de Mills, Comte Boula de Nanteuil, Cosimo Ridolfi, Cramoisi Picotee, Crimson Gallica, D’Aguesseau, Desiree Parmentier, Double Brique, Duc de Fitzjames, Duc de Guiche, Duchesse d’Angouleme, Duchesse de Buccleugh, Dumortier, Elegant Gallica, Ester, Fanny Elssler, Fornarina, Gloire de Grance, Gros Provins Panache, Henri Fouquier, Hippolyte, Ipsilante, James Mason, Juliette, La Belle Sultane, La Maculee, La Plus Belle des Ponctuees, L’Enchantresse, Mazeppa Mecene, Mercedes, Nanette, Narcisse de Salvandy, Neron, Nestor, Nouveau Vulcain, Nouvelle Pivoine, Oeillet Double, Oeillet Flamand, Oellet Parfait, Ohl, Ombree Parfaite, Ancienne, Orpheline de Julliet, Perle des Panachees, Perle von Weissenstein, Pompom, President de Seze, Purple Climber, Rose des Maures, Rose du Maitre d’Ecole, Pluton, Royal Marbree, Ruth, Scarlet Fire, Supasse Tout, Tricolore, Tricolore de Flandre, Triomphe de Flore, Turenne, Superb Tuscan, Veluntinaeflora, Zoe

Hybrid Musk (21): Ballerina, Buff Beauty, Cornelia, Danae, Darlow’s Enigma, Erfurt, Eva, Felicia, Francesca, Francis E. Lester, Kathleen, Lavender Lassie, Moonlight, Mozart, Nymphenburg, Pax, Pink Prosperity, Prosperity, Ravel, Robin Hood, Sally Holmes, Thisbe Vanity

Hybrid Perpetual (2): Rerine des Violette, Souvenir du Dr. Jamain
Hybrid Rugosa (2): Blanc Double de Coubert, Therese Bugnet
Hybrid Tea (2): Kordes’ Perfecta, Reveil Dijonnais (also a modern climber)
Miniature (1): Green Ice Moss (2): Alfred de Dalmas, Shailer’s White Moss

Noisette (6): Blush Noisette, Juane Desprez, Madame Alfred Carriere, Marechal Niel, Narrow Water, Natchitoches Noisette. Other Old Garden / Antique (2): Eugene de Beauharnais, Reine des Violettes

Polyantha (4): The Fairy, Marjoire Fair, Pinkie, Seven Sisters. Portland (1): Rose de Rescht
Rambler (1): Alberic Barbier. Rugosa (1): Japanese Rose

Shrub (10): Abbotswood, Banshee, Basye’s Purple Rose, Carefree Beauty, Carefree Delight, Carefree Wonder, Flutterbye, Dortmund, Fritz Nobis, Knockout

Species (12): Alika, Anemone, Arthur Hillier, Eglantine, Headleyensis, Mme de Sancy de Parabere, Pumila, Red-leaved Rose, Red Wing, Rosa Mundi, Ramona, William III. Tea (1): Duchesse de Brabant

***** Below was posted by Elizabeth's garden in HMF:
Angel Face is a floribunda that is supposed to be shade tolerant.
Chrysler Imperial, Blue Moon, Blue Girl, Swarthmore, Garden Party, and Bourbon are all shade tolerant hybrids.

***** Other shade-tolerant (morning sun only) mentioned by HMF members: Playboy, Pink Peace, Lavender Dream, Rosa moschata, climbing E. de Holland for north-wall, "I have a Zepherine Drouhin that is growing GREAT in a spot with only four hours of sun per day", Lemon Spice, Honey Bouquet, Pat Austin, Sutter's Gold, Flowergirl, Long John Silver, Francis Meilland, Souvenir du Docteur Jamain, climber Mme Alfred Carrière, 'Shailer's Provence', and climbers New Dawn and Aloha.
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