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StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
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Lavenderlace in sandy soil (some clay) hot Texas gave below info:
"My Kordes on own roots: Savannah- miserable for me in clay, fantastic in sandy soil, shiny clean leaves, lots of growth and blooms, nice scent, does fine in shade. Plant has a bit of an artificial look for me, leaves look like they've been poured in oil, blooms are incredibly bright.

First Crush- Can really take a lot of shade! Bloomed even in full shade same as sun. Much deeper prettier pink than the official photos for me and strong scent that I hope will change as it's unfortunately not my favorite.

Earth Angel- already taller than she's supposed to be but haven't seen blooms yet with an October planting. Very sensitive to too much water as bottom leaves often turn yellow after a rain even in fast draining soil.

Summer Romance- bush looks great with hot summer planting but still no blooms yet. Maybe more of a cool weather rose? Heard lots of hot climate complaints about lack of blooms.

Beverly- gets raves in my hot area but hasn't been impressive for me, maybe a slow starter? Staying small, few scentless blooms at this point. Looking forward to what others are seeing from this one!" Lavenderlace.
23 AUG
A list of roses to buy for next year 2021 as own-root from Roses Unlimited: 1) Sonia Rykiel (died after many winters)
2) First Crush takes shade & clay & glossy foliage likes it wet & good for the vase & low-thorn
3) Moonlight Romantica also glossy foliage likes it wet & good for the vase.
4) Jubilee Celebration takes shade & glossy and dark-green foliage & good for the vase.
5) Lemon spice, low thorn, take shade & good for vase
6) Darlow's Enigma
23 AUG
My 29 Austins as own-root ARE MUCH SMALLER than rose parks' Austins as grafted-on-Dr.Huey. How continuous-blooming they are depending on how much acidic rain I get for the pale leaves Austins, and how much alkaline tap-water & potassium fertilizer I give for the dark-green leaves (prefer higher pH).

Below is a list of 29 OWN-ROOT Austin roses, plus 1 grafted on Dr.Huey for the past 10 years in my zone 5a shady garden with heavy alkaline clay & 38 to 40" of acidic rain in short summer & 7 months of DRY winter. Dry periods in summer alternate with heavy rain, plus spring flood. Windchill factor down to -20 to -30 F below zero in winter. pH of rain here is acidic like the East coast at pH 4.5.

1) Lilian Austin .. always healthy bought in 2011. Nice scent, killed it due to nasty thorns that poked me when I deadhead the blooms. It's small as own-root in my garden, but HUGE at rose-park as grafted-on-Dr.Huey. Less petals but needs full-sun & long pause between flushes.

2) Charles Darwin ... healthy but stingy in hot & dry & bought in 2012. Gave away since the blooms look like used-toilet paper. Low-thorn & pale leaves so it won't bloom unless fluffy soil or tons of acidic rain.

3) Scepter'd Isle .. healthy & dark-green leaves & gets HUGE as own-root & bought in 2012. Gave away with scent gone in hot weather. Blooms better than Charles Darwin.

4) St. Cecilia .. healthy & compact bush. LOVE ITS fantastic myrrh scent. VERY HEALTHY with pale leaves. Small size best for pot. Continuous blooming since blooms last long.

5) Wise Portia .. lots of blooms in partial shade, healthy, strong scent in cool weather only. Dark-green leaves & compact growth. LOVE THIS since 2011. Continuous blooming.

6) Radio Times .. big thorny bush but fantastic damask scent. healthy the first 6 years. Easy-bloomer in partial shade after 10 years. Prefer alkaline soil and DOES NOT LIKE TOO MUCH ACIDIC RAIN, needs fast drainage. Continuous blooming.

7) Golden Celebration ... healthy the first 5 years but decline as 10th-year own root. Amazing scent but long pause between flushes. Likes good drainage but with 24/7 moisture & alkaline.

8) Christopher Marlowe ... need heavy dose of sulfate of potash to control octopus canes. Need full sun & need moist 24/7 & alkaline like Golden Cel. to stay healthy. Long pause in between flushes & stingy like Golden Cel.

9) Evelyn. ALWAYS HEALTHY since 2012, tons of blooms .. likes alkaline clay & big and spreading bush. Blooms last long on the bush & need full sun. Many blooms with very short pause in between.

10) William Morris, best in sandy soil, but NOT in clay, died in its 1st winter & need full-sun.

11) Mary Magdalene: pale leaves & ALWAYS HEALTHY since 2011, super-thorny with frankincense wafting scent. Small bush but TOO PRICKLY for pot. Very short pause in between flushes.

12) The Dark Lady. Big blooms on compact bush. Bush needs constant fertilizer to stay bushy, otherwise it's a few sticks. It has Rugosa heritage so it needs fast-draining & loamy soil Always healthy. Wafting old rose scent. Compact for pot but stingier than W.S. 2000.

13) Princess Anne. Huge thorny bush, 3 distinct flushes with pausing in between & lots of blooms in partial shade. Not much scent. Pale leaves can take lots of acidic rain.

14) Pat Austin. LOVE IT even after 10 years. Short pause in between flushes and long blooming. Dark-green but glossy leaves like it wet & alkaline. Tall but compact.

15) Lady of Shalott. Huge thorny bush, stingy in partial shade. Small blooms. Always healthy for the past 5 years with pale leaves. Not much blooms in partial shade like Crown Princess Mag.

16) Crown Princess mag. LOVE it even after 9 years. HUGE BUSH but blooms are gorgeous with best fruity scent. Dark-green leaves prefer alkaline pH. Bloom well in partial shade & need tons of water.

17) Jude the Obscure. I tried this 4 times as own-roots .. bought it TWICE as own-root, and a friend gave 2 rootings. Most wimpy ever as own-root, kept dying in 2nd winter. Jude died on Andrea in zone 7, England. Pale leaves & best with acidic rain. Tiny & stingy as own-root.

18) Eglantyne. Amazing scent, tried this TWICE as own-root. Band size didn't survive winter, but gallon-size did, then died after 2 winters. Many reported stingy as own-root. Tiny as own-root thus best grafted.

19) Munstead Wood. LOVE it as own-root. Constant bloomer & always healthy. Dense & many thistles but compact bush. Pale leaves like acidic rain. Blooms best in full-sun.

20) Sharifa Asma: LOVE its fantastic scent. This is best in fluffy & loamy & wet soil. Most tiny among my Austin roses. Pale leaves like acidic rain. Bloom only with tons of acidic rain.

21) Carding Mill: LOVE this bush, but it's most black-spot prone. It blooms so much that potassium is depleted. This needs lots of fertilizer to stay healthy. Compact but tall.

22) Queen Nefertiti: Very thorny. it's a child of Tamora and Lilian Austin so it needs excellent drainage. Mine was in heavy clay so it dropped all its leaves with recent heavy rain. Dug up recently and fixed my clay with sand. My experience with thorny roses: need fast drainage.

23) Queen of Sweden: Gave it away, tiny blooms that shatter with zero scent. Tall bush that shot up to 5 feet. It's VERY HEALTHY but needs tons of acidic rain to produce blooms (like Kordes roses).

24) William Shakespeare 2000, MOST FAVORITE AUSTIN, most compact & always blooming and MOST HEALTHY, never see any diseases for the past 10 years. Blooms last long on the bush and up to 5 days in the vase. Pale leaves need acidic rain. Needs partial shade.

25) Darcey Bussell: Zero scent & but bloomed lots in partial shade & VERY HEALTHY. Got winter-killed since I made the hole too acidic with pine bark & got flooded with acidic rain in winter. Don't miss it. Dark leaves prefer alkaline. Compact for pot. Continuous blooming.

26) James Galway: VERY HEALTHY but SUPER TALL in partial shade. Bloom only with tons of acidic rain, amazing scent of carnation. Long pause between flushes.

27) Tess of the d'Urbervilles: VERY HEALTHY, nice-red color, needs more sun to bloom than 4 hours. Blooms have a nice-myrrh scent, it's a keeper & LOVE IT. Pale leaves can take lots of acidic rain. Grows tall as own-root.

28) A Shoprshire Lad: WORST AUSTIN EVER AS OWN-ROOT !! It has very dark-green leaves so it prefers alkaline pH. It's low thorn so it wants soaking wet 24/7 but NOT acidic rain. Acts like a once-bloomer. It black spotted during acidic rain (spent 1 hour digging for drainage), but improved when I topped it with bio-char (pH 13). Jay-Jay in the Netherlands with DRY pH 8 soil (lots of rocks) stated that Tamora and A Shopshire Lad are his best performers (as grafted). Tamora dropped all its leaves at alkaline-clay rose-park with our spring flood, while their other 1,200 roses were healthy. Tamora can't take our heavy rain (more than 1" per day).

29) The Squire: SUPER-THORNY. Best red-color that lasts long on the bush, can't detect any scent. The bush is a few bare sticks in dry weather, same with The Dark Lady. Bush is bare and leggy & loses leaves in hot & dry. Dark-green leaves bloom well with alkaline tap-water.

30) Young Lycidas. THIS IS THE ONLY AUSTIN that I have as grafted-on-Dr.Huey, since I could not get it as own-root. Leaves are crinkled like Sharifa Asma and also wimpy & tiny as a plant. It died in its 1st winter. The blooms are prettier than Princess Ann with amazing scent. Long pause in between flushes. Dr.Huey declines drastically in wet & freezing heavy clay in zone 5a. Nearby rose park (alkaline clay) replaces their Austin roses in 2nd or 3rd year (grafted-on-Dr.Huey).

StrawChicago in zone 5a with dense alkaline clay, 38" to 40" of heavy acidic rain in short summer, but dry & long winter, and flash floods in spring.
17 JUL
Re-post the info. from Antique Rose decade ago, with my notes followed each:

"Rosa Moschata (5 votes, scent that spread across 100 yards) & Sweet Eglantine (strong leaf-scent & spicy)

Darlow's Enigma (6 votes, zone 4b hardy & shade tolerant & thorny)

Secret Garden Musk Climber (3 votes & thorny & clove & dianthus scent & hardy & continuous blooming)

Bubble Bath (scent that spreads the entire garden, doesn't bloom much for hot & dry CA)

Marie Pavie (3 votes) & Sweet Chariot (2 votes) & Lavender Lassie (1 vote)

Jacques Cartier (3 votes from loamy & fluffy soil folks). I had an own-root Jacques Cartier in a fluffy potting soil and the bloom was intensely fragrant.

Comte de Chambord (2 votes). When Comte is blooming, the perfume is in the air 6 feet away. Few blooms of Comte are enough to perfume the entire room, same with Firefighter.

Perle d'Or (2 votes) One bloom of this polyantha is enough to perfume the air with its heavenly scent. To my nose it smells 10 times better than Gardenia.

Paul's Himalayan Musk (2 votes, very large climber, once-blooming, zone 4b hardy)

Jaune Desprez (2 votes, tea-noisette, NOT cold-hardy, wafts 50 feet)

Zepherine Drouhin ( 4 votes & thornless & wafts 20 feet) & Great Maiden Blush (1 vote)

Madame Plantier (2 votes & thornless climber) & Fragrant Cloud (wafts 5 feet)

Felicia (2 votes & winter-protection & wafts 20 feet) & Cornelia (2 votes, 5' x 5' in cold zone)

Penelope (4' x 4', doesn't like pruning) & Moonlight (1 vote) & Bishop's Castle (1 vote)

Gloire des Rosomanes (1 vote) & Reine des Violettes (2 votes)

Fruehlingsgold (1 vote) & Vineyard song (1 vote) & Courageous (waft 15 feet)

Jubilee Celebration (1 vote) & Sombreuil (1 vote) & Madame Alfred Carriere (1 vote) & Amber Queen (1 vote, wafts 4 feet)

NOT A ROSE, but Sweet Autumn Clematis is mentioned as wonderful wafting scent. Gruss an Coberg & Lemon Spice & Papa Meilland & Young Lycidas & Grandmother's hat get the most votes for best-quality & addictive scents." From Antique Rose Forum many years ago.
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