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Marita Protte
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Initial post 5 JUL by Marita Protte
Hallo Marcir, hast Du nach wie vor die "Margherita Croze" in Deinem Garten? Meine musste vor zwei Jahren wegen Umbauarbeiten "ausgelagert" werden und hat diesen Umzug nicht überlebt. Heute habe ich Nachricht von Sangerhausen bekommen, dass deren "Margherita Croze" der Trockenheit zum Opfer gefallen ist. Jetzt hoffe ich, dass Deine wenigstens noch lebt.
Lieben Gruss

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Initial post 10 AUG 17 by jedmar
This rose was believed extinct. What is ist origin? A reversion?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 10 AUG 17 by Marita Protte
Yes, I know. I'm still not sure if it is a reversion or the original. There is a connection between the place I've found it and Josephine.
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Initial post 17 JUN 17 by Marita Protte
I would like to call your attention on Joris or Georg Hoefnagel and his 1594 „Flower still life with insects“. In 1594 Hoefnagel lived in Frankfurt on the Main, from there he went to Prague and Vienna. I think he was the first who painted a true-to-life picture of Rosa x francofurtana, only 11 years after Clusius’ discription of the rose.
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Initial post 15 MAY 16 by Marita Protte
I'm convinced this is the real Rosa x centifolia foliacea. I always wondered why Sangerhausen never had doubt about their specimen because the main feature, the long sepals are lacking. Can you tell me where I can get this special rose?
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