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most recent 19 NOV 21 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 19 NOV 21 by roselover
Hi, I live in San Rafael and want to know where you got Queen Mary 2 for the San Jose garden.
most recent 24 APR 19 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 23 APR 19 by roselover
The tag on the rose said this was the name.

What do you think it is?
Reply #1 of 2 posted 23 APR 19 by Nastarana
Wild guess, but the opening buds of 'Docteur Jamain' do have a way of resembling a Hybrid Tea. I remember I was quite surprised until the bud opened further and showed it's HP nature.

For example, look at this photo:
Reply #2 of 2 posted 24 APR 19 by roselover
I believe it is souvenir du President Lincoln but not Souvenir du Abraham Lincoln. I will ask Helpmefind to remove it
most recent 11 DEC 18 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 10 DEC 18 by roselover
Both of these photos of mine should be moved to Sutter’s Gold.
Joan Goff. If you let me know when it is done, I will post comments
Reply #1 of 2 posted 10 DEC 18 by Patricia Routley
Joan, all members are able to move their own photos. Just open the photo, click on REASSIGN on the top left, type in Sutter’s Gold, and then I think the next step is CONTINUE. Voila - you will see the name at the top changed from Talisman to Sutters Gold, and you have done it.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 11 DEC 18 by Patricia Routley
I noted that the pink and yellow photo has disappeared. Perhaps you had a problem there, so I have moved your other photo out of Talisman and into Sutter's Gold. Hope that is OK.
most recent 10 DEC 18 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 9 DEC 18 by Darrell
Why are Roselover's two photos contained under 'Talisman'?
Reply #1 of 3 posted 9 DEC 18 by Patricia Routley
I believe when she uploaded the photos in November 2014, she was under the impression they were ‘Sutter’s Gold’.
Later her comment on April 1, 2015 says ‘Talisman’, so it seems as though her photos were moved from wherever they originally were, to Talisman. (take a look at the comments attached to her photo with her grandson). Ideally she needs to correct the caption containing the ‘Sutter’s Gold’ words.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 10 DEC 18 by roselover
When I posted the two photos of what I thought was Talisman in 2014, I had no idea this Rose was Sutter’s Gold. I even bought a talisman and planted it in my garden. But when it bloomed, it was not the rose two blocks away. I have a Sutter’s Gold plant, it has been a favorite of mine for over 25 years. This past year, I sent photos of this very large rose to a friend who is a well known Rosarians and can identify most roses. Right off the bat, he said Sutter’s Gold. By then, I was thinking the same from the fragrance and how it bloomed. It is the first rose to bloom in my garden and this year I had 4 bloom cycles. I then changed what I wrote about Talisman.
Joan Goff
Reply #3 of 3 posted 10 DEC 18 by Darrell
Hello Joan,
From the photos it was obvious the rose is not Talisman, not only in color but in size. Talisman grows at most three and a half feet high. Thanks for the correction.
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