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Judith C.
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Initial post 18 JAN 09 by Judith C.
Would Stanwell Perpetual be better in the sun (maximum summer air temperature about 28°C) or in the shade? Thanks!!
Reply #1 of 4 posted 19 JAN 09 by Patricia Routley
Reply #2 of 4 posted 19 JAN 09 by Karen
I have grown this rose in a part-sun garden in Lincoln, NE (a hot humid climate that is zone 5/6). There are fifty year old trees throughout my 2/3 acre garden. It is a stretch to say that any of my roses get the required 6 - 8 hours of sunlight. The plant was disease-free and was almost always in bloom. The blooms were gorgeous. It was not a cutting rose so I am not growing it currently. I am keeping it on my list for future use as a landscape rose when space becomes available. I envision it planted on 18" centers in a circular bed all of its own. It would spill over the sides and look like a giant flower pot. Karen
Reply #3 of 4 posted 19 JAN 09 by Judith C.
Thank you, Patricia and Karen, for your prompt replies. Sounds like a great rosebush!
Reply #4 of 4 posted 22 SEP 19 by ac91z6
I know this is an old comment, but I have a very similar situation and was debating whether or not to try this rose. I'm in northern Missouri, so your experience is really helpful!
I think I will be giving 'Stanwell Perpetual' a try now!
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Initial post 21 JUN 05 by Unregistered Guest
How does this compare to Mr Lincoln or Black Magic, as I have both of these in my
garden now. Does it have the velvet texture ? How long do the blooms last? --K Haas
Reply #1 of 12 posted 22 JUN 05 by Anonymous-97434
Papa Meilland is a weaker grower, just as fragrant as Mr. Lincoln, much blacker and more addicted to mildew and rust. Papa Meilland, Mr. Lincoln and Oklahoma are all from the same parents and share similarities. Meilland is the weaker grower and more diseased troubled. Its blooms should last similarly to Mr. Lincoln. I haven't grown Black Magic so I can't comment on it. Would I grow Papa Meilland? I have grown it. It's beautiful. If you want "black roses" with fragrance, Papa and Oklahoma are two of the 'better" black roses.
Reply #5 of 12 posted 30 JUL 07 by BAM
I am interested in trying Papa Meilland, and would like to know if it can stand up to the heat in the summer. I live in zone 7 in the mid Atlantic region, and it gets hot and humid. Opening Night and Olympiad do well, lasting a week to 10 days in the garden, but have no scent. Love's Magic (Liebeszauber) only lasts 3-4 days from tight bud with open sepals to seeing the edges of the bloom "burn". I want to find a dark red rose with good scent that will last a week in the garden.

Reply #6 of 12 posted 30 JUL 07 by Judith C.
Papa Meilland was created in a hot place, zone 7, where I am. I haven't got that one, but Botero stands the heat very well, as does the new Harkness Carris ... Botero has a fantastic scent ...
Reply #7 of 12 posted 30 JUN 12 by Tom Smith
Hey, Tom here! Where did you purchase your Botero from? According to the HMF site all of the vendors are out of the country. (USA) If you have any ideas on how to get a plant, let me know. Thanks!
Reply #8 of 12 posted 1 JUL 12 by HMF Admin
And us (HMF) too !
Reply #9 of 12 posted 1 JUL 12 by Judith C.
Hi, Tom! Sorry, but bought from Meilland here in France. I'll have a look, but I presume they won't post to the US - problems with customs, etc.. :(
Reply #2 of 12 posted 25 JUN 05 by Terre
I have had good experience with Papa Meilland and really treasure it's rich color. It is somewhat subject to mildew just like it's sibling Mr. Lincoln, and does not grow the hefty canes (yet) that Mr Lincoln can. It does have a velvety substance or texture and is best grown with companion plants to reduce burning from sunglare and heat reflecting soil.
Reply #4 of 12 posted 20 JUL 07 by BAM

I saw your answer to a question you posted in 2005 concerning Papa Meilland and its potential for the petals to burn. I live in the mid Atlantic region, and it gets HOT and HUMID in the summer. Do you think I will have trouble with petal burn, and will it be worth trying? Also, could you comment on the "shape" of the bush, rounded like 'Sunset Celibration, Wide V like 'St Patrick', etc.

Reply #3 of 12 posted 30 AUG 05 by Unregistered Guest
Most will say that Papa is more difficult to grow than Mr Lincoln, however I have not found Papa that touchy. I feel that Papa has a more pleasant sweeter fragrance that Mr Lincoln (although both are super!). Mr Lincoln in my garden opens flatter and is slightly lighter in colour. On the negative side Papa's growth is more untidy that Mr Lincoln.

I have not grown Balck Magic so I cannot comment on this rose.
Reply #10 of 12 posted 25 DEC 16 by Michael Garhart
Black Magic is virtually scentless, and quite cold prone. Mr Lincoln and Oklahoma are HUGE HTs. I have seen many that are 10' tall here. Papa M, like Crimson Glory is a weak little thing, with really neat blooms.

Firefighter is really good, but not "black". Velvet Fragrance is also great, and dark, but it is very heat prone.

There really is no "best fragrant black-red" yet. It's a color littered with issues yet to be bred out.

I am currently growing Claret. It will be its 2nd year next summer, so time will tell. It is dark, short, and fragrant.
Reply #11 of 12 posted 25 DEC 16 by Nastarana
There was heavy rain one spring in the Central Valley. That year, the Mr. Lincoln blooms were as big as dinner plates.
Reply #12 of 12 posted 25 DEC 16 by Michael Garhart
Yup. Proudland gets that way too.
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Initial post 28 JUL 07 by Judith C.
Very vigorous. Tends to be cluster flowered, though very large blooms. Good as a cut flower.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 27 JUL 15 by Michael Garhart
How tall does it usually get?
Reply #2 of 3 posted 27 JUL 15 by Judith C.
As stipulated, with me, 5' / 150cm.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 27 JUL 15 by Michael Garhart
Thank you! All of my book descriptions conflicted on this :]
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Initial post 15 MAY 05 by Gina Stepp
Everyone has a favourite rose -- I always find it interesting to ask people about theirs, I usually end up with another one to add to the ever growing list of roses I'd love to add to my garden. My personal criteria is: long lasting on plant and in vase, great scent, and something in the pale yellow to apricot range, although a bit of pale pink or cream in the mix is nice. I love the David Austins, but I can find a favourite in almost any class of roses. One rose I've acquired in the last couple of years that I love is Bella 'Roma, not only because of its magnificent beauty, but because it lasts a very long time on and off the plant, and has a gorgeous scent on top of everything else. I'd love to hear some of the other favourites out there -- if you post one, please also include the particular characteristics that make it your favourite. I'm always looking for new roses to fall in love with....
Reply #1 of 11 posted 31 AUG 07 by Warski
I 've just posted my thoughts on Love"s Promise (GF). If you look it up on this site, you might enjoy what I wrote as I enjoyed reading your reflections on Bella' Roma. Love's Promise has recently become my favorite rose...I know, that statement is always subject to change.
Yours Truly,
Reply #3 of 11 posted 31 AUG 07 by HMF Admin
Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Your posts are a valuable contribution to HMF.
Reply #6 of 11 posted 1 SEP 07 by Judith C.
Have looked up Love's Promise (in fact a Meilland), but I can't seem to find your recent thoughts, Warren ...?
Reply #2 of 11 posted 31 AUG 07 by Judith C.
One rose that you might like is Double Delight - great as a cut flower and has a magnificent scent. Otherwise my favourites (maybe the list is going to be a bit long!):
Caprice de Meilland (for colour, bloom frequency, length of flowering period -early spring till beginning of winter, through boiling sun, drought, cooler, rainy periods, long stems with very few thorns, great scent, excellent in a vase)(Also, an afterthought, if ever it does become affected by BS - I don't treat my roses - the stems grow faster than the evolution of the disease ...)
Rhapsody in Blue (healthy, vigorous, great colour)
Chartreuse de Parme (colour, scent, great as a cut flower)
Carris (loads of flowers, long-lasting on the bush and when cut)
Savoy Hotel (nice smallish flower, fanastic in a vase)
Tequila (great colours, vigorous)
Carte Blanche (very vigorous, very long perpetual flowering)
I'd better stop there, I think, though I could carry on!!!
Reply #4 of 11 posted 1 SEP 07 by Warski
Dear Judith,
Oddly enough, Love's Promise had, just that day, replaced Double Delight as my favorite rose. I'm afraid, I shall be a fickle lover, as I continue to discover more and more. One shouldn't really have a favorite rose - a favorite group of roses would, perhaps, be more fair for all of us.
Your recommendations were wonderful and I knew none of them. I looked-up each one and was very impressed, grateful for the new information. Do you live outside the USA? If not, I've got more to learn than I thought. Thank you.
Reply #5 of 11 posted 1 SEP 07 by Judith C.
Yes, Warren, actually I do! I'm living in France. And it's true that it's rather frustrating sometimes, as some of the roses mentioned are not obtainable here. Fortunately with the Internet one can 'shop around' and, in the end, manage to find a supplier for most of them. I'll have to have a look at Love's Promise ... Thanks!!
Reply #7 of 11 posted 2 SEP 07 by Warski
Judith, I'm hoping you've found my listing of Love's Promise. I've recently changed my screen name from Warburton to Warski (I wasn't comfortable with the former being so close to my own name) so there might be some confusion at the site right now. I understand why the rose names you cited where baffling at first; thank you for letting me know you live in France. It makes perfect sense now. You did see that Meilland is the cultivar of "LP", so hopefully it will be fairly easy to get information where you are.
I'm particularly fond of the Meilland roses. We have Star Roses here (A Meilland Headquarters,so to speak) and one of their reps, Steve Benning, comes to our Rose Soc. meetings and lectures once a year. I will keep your list of roses and ask him his advice about seeing them, getting them. Thank you again, Warren.
Reply #8 of 11 posted 2 SEP 07 by Judith C.
Actually, Warren, I did look for your comments on Love's Promise, which as you say is a Meilland and easily obtainable here (for once!!), but the most recent comment was in 2006. Is that what you meant? Thanks!
Reply #9 of 11 posted 2 SEP 07 by Warski
Yes, Judith, that is it. I edited it recently, but originally wrote it in 2006. On occasion, I'll rewrite my entries if I notice something more needs be said. Oftentimes, surprising, new information comes as the bush matures through the years and I find it necessary to update the news.
For example, I noticed no fragrance from Love's Promise for the first 6 months so I wrote just that. When I finally noticed the strong fragrance, I was embarrassed at what I wrote and thought it only right to change the original observation.
I'm relatively new to growing roses and. I enjoy participating in the discussions on this site, but I'm bound to be wrong. So, when I am, I try to correct myself as quickly as I can.
Reply #10 of 11 posted 3 SEP 07 by Judith C.
OK, thanks, I see! And thank you, on behalf of us all, for keeping your comments up to date! I always look to see what people have said about the roses I'm interested in.
See you've got the bug too ... !! Roses are wonderful things, aren't they?!? All the best, Judith.
Reply #11 of 11 posted 19 APR 15 by AlZone5B
Bella Roma performs very well in my Chicagoland garden. I have several different plants, the grafted ones get5-6 feet tall the own root ones are shorter. Fragrance is intensely fruity- among the best. Repeat is excellent, and this is a fantastic cutting rose, lasts long in the vase, and on the bush. Long extremely thorny canes. A very upright habit. Can you tell she is one of my favorites?
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