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Rosa Helvetica
(1986)  Page(s) 41.  
...cultivars of Heizmann, e.g. 'Arnold von Winkelried' HT (1942)...
(1986)  Page(s) 42.  
...Richard Huber...breeds roses since a number of years...'Black' Night' HT (1975), 'Swiss Fire' HT (1975)
(1985)  Page(s) 41-43.  
The magnificent rose christening of Braunwald Meilland!...on August 7, 1985 on occasion of the 10th Rose seminar and jubilee under the direction of Dr. Theodor Zwygart and Dietrich Woessner...Braunwald Meilland ®. Meilland 1985. Swiss registry of trademarks 338280. Breeder code Meididon. Small shrub. Parents: Mother: Katharina Zeimet, polyantha...Lambert 1901, Father: Sea Foam, shrub...W. Paul, 1919...Shaded tender pink when expanding, white when fully expanded...single, 5 petals, beautiful pointed tender pink buds, in finely formed clusters...very vigorous, upright, especially beautifula nd healthy foliage, blooms readly the whole summer, robust and hardy. 80-120 cm...
(1986)  Page(s) 42.  
...cultivars of Heizmann, e.g. 'Camélia' HT (1948)...
(1986)  Page(s) 40.  
Roseraies Hauser...has brought forward a number of valuable cultivars, e.g. 'Cybèle' HT (1962),...
(1999)  Page(s) 52.  
Christening of the rose Dietrich Woessner in honour of our Honorary President...
(1986)  Page(s) 41.  
...cultivars of Heizmann, e.g. 'Domina' HT (1943)...
(2000)  Page(s) 25.  
[From article by Hans Wüest on his rose breeding]...Seedling ('Erika'- ground cover) selfed
(1986)  Page(s) 42.  
...cultivars of Heizmann, e.g. 'Général Guisan' HT (1945)...
(2000)  Page(s) 19-20.  Includes photo(s).
In 1897 Stephan Olbrich [from the nursery Otto Froebel] discovered in Weingarten [where Dr. Müller lived] beside otherm, interesting novelties, a cross of 'Persian Yellow' by Dr. H. Müller. As this hybrid lutea was difficult to propagate, it was offered only in 1902 as 'Gottfried Keller', and later distributed by Froebel, from Zürich. The colour combination of 'Gottfried Keller' is similar to that of 'Soleil d'Or'. The rose is however less double and repeats. Unfortunately the fame of 'Soleil d'Or' was already so great, that the work of Dr. Hermann Müller was soon forgotten.
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