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Initial post today by Nadene

Basic question for any one who wishes to respond.

I am looking into companion planting for roses to help reduce pest and diseases etc. Is any one willing to share advice from there own experience. I live in Canberra Australia where we get frosts in Winter and hot dry Summers. Irrigation can sometimes be an issue when we have water restrictions. I'm interested in mainly Perennials but if you have suggestions for annuals I would love to hear it too.

With thanks,

Reply #1 of 1 posted today by HubertG
Hyssop loves sun and heat and has beautiful cobalt blue flowers. It doesn't get big and I don't think it interferes with roots. I can't comment on its frost hardiness. Mine overwinters in frost-free Sydney. It also self-seeds too.
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Initial post 11 days ago by ausregistrar
Hulthemia is not a rose.

Hulthemia berberifolia is identical to Hulthemia persica.

R.x hulthemosa hardii was first genetic cross of hulthemia with a rose (R.clinophylla) circa 1832 by
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Initial post 1 JUN by RyckB
It suddenly dawns on me that with the database backing all this wonderful information... It would be nothing to add in a feature in the lineage tab that allows you to select use the given selected rose and then show filter results where the given rose is used as a seed parent and where as a pollen parent. The displayed crosses would be displayed with the number of times the cross has been made and a details feature would allow you to see the listing of the named crosses and links thereto... This would allow breeders to research habits of offspring by seed or pollen... Very useful and there have to be enough entries to get some meaningful data...
Reply #1 of 1 posted 1 JUN by Robert Neil Rippetoe
I've been using the database this way for some time.

It's not difficult if you have access to editing your own breeder listings. A few tweaks and it's done.

An individual tab would be more convenient.
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Initial post 1 JUN by Nadene
Hi everyone,

I am trying to chase down a book without knowing the correct title or author. I am looking for a rose book that has all the registered rose varieties listed. Any addition / volume will be helpful. I believe it is an American publication.

Has anyone heard of this or something familiar.

With thanks,

Reply #1 of 4 posted 1 JUN by Margaret Furness
Try 'The Complete Rose List'.
Also 'Modern Roses'.
Whether either is complete is another matter... There are too many roses.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 1 JUN by Nastarana
You might be thinking of The Combined Rose List.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 2 JUN by Margaret Furness
Yes, you're right - I shouldn't have relied on my memory!
Reply #4 of 4 posted 3 JUN by Nadene
Thanks guys,

This has given me some good leads :)


For those who may be interested. The book I was chasing turned out to be "Official Registry And Checklist - Rosa" by American Rose Society.
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