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most recent 31 AUG 09 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 31 AUG 09 by Chris
When is it too late in the season to take cuttings? My neighbor wants some of my Hansa to take up to Maine. She loves the vigorof it and the indestructible, hedge qualities (wait 'til she smells the bloom!) chris in ct.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 31 AUG 09 by Palustris
You should be able to find a sucker that you can pot up. If the runner is long, you can wind it around inside the pot, if necessary. Cut the cane down to a foot or so. In the next couple of months before it freezes, it will probably put out a few leaves. This should make it fine through the winter, maybe in a protected spot if possible.
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most recent 8 JUN 07 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 8 JUN 07 by Andrea Pompeo
How do I cut my Roses from the bush to make arrangements for my home and how often can I cut and what exactly is a five leaf configuration...
Reply #1 of 1 posted 8 JUN 07 by Wendy C.
Make a 45 degree cut about 1/4" above a set of leaves.
There are two types of canes. Main canes, which come from the ground. And Laterals which grow from the main cane. The Main canes you don't want to cut too short. Rule of the thumb is don't cut them below your knee. The laterals you can take longer stems, cutting to the main cane if you'd like.
A five leaflet configurations is the number of leaves on the stem at the point at which you are cutting. General wisdom has been to only cut to a five leaf stem, pointing in a direction you would like to have growth.
The leaf sets are where new growth is going to come from after you cut your bloom. You don't want growth to the center of the bush, as it will cause congestion and air circulation problems, which can facilitate disease issues.
I have not found any difference in growth taking blooms from a three or five leaf configuration.
Modern roses have three or five leaves. Older roses have different numbers, but is the same idea.
How many can you take? As many as you can find within the don't cut the rose too short rule. Your roses will bloom more when you remove blooms. Those which are not suitable to bring in the house? Remove them when they are spent by cutting at a 45 degree angle, 1/4" above a leaf set pointing in a direction you want growth.
Enjoy your roses, it's why we grow them.
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most recent 28 MAY 07 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 28 MAY 07 by marrukurli
When is the best time to take a rose cutting? The glossary suggests different seasons for hard wood and soft wood -- how can I tell the difference between hard wood and soft wood? Also, I know this is an impulsive question but I haven't found any information on it anywhere. Is it possible to take cuttings from, say, a bouquet? For instance, I love the way Intuition looks and have seen it in the floral department yet it seems impossible to find a plant for sale.

Many thanks in advance.
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most recent 31 AUG 06 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 31 AUG 06 by Andrea Heynen

I cut my roses more haphazardly, will say  one year in November, the other year late in Feb. or early in March, depending on how long my roses (various) keep flowering. In doing so I have experienced that roses cut in November begin to sprout and blossom earlier in the year, and yet keep flourishing until the  end of November. I wish to add the my roses are kept on a large balcony near the house front. Now, when is the best cutting time for my roses? They - my roses - seem to take it quite indifferently.



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