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Initial post today by Margaret Furness
They're avid or aphid photobombers.
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Initial post today by Ausrose - Doug Hayne
On a couple of occasions put up some wrong information. Can that be changed.
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Initial post today
* Posted by unregistered site guest: Pending HMF administrative review. *
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Initial post 2 days ago by Plazbo
Out of a couple dozen OP seedlings flowering for their first time (~3 years), despite differences in foliage (some dark, some not, some with very serrated margins, some not) and differences in number of thorns (some very, some few)...every single flower is without a trace of yellow. Plant is strongly selfing (expected..if it weren't I'd expect at less some semi doubles given it's surrounded by doubles) but seedlings seem to ditch all signs of Harison's Yellow influence which may be interesting to someone. Always expected the seedlings to lean towards rubiginosa due to the meiosis but the consistent drop of yellow was a surprise to me.

It'll be interesting to see if Lady Penzance OP seed follow the same path given the higher pigmentation, probably not til next year though.

Ultimately don't recommend growing out Lord Penzance OP seed, the results aren't phenotypically exciting, may be interesting if checking their genotype was more accessible (come on future!) to see if anything has been jumbled up with the caninae meiosis. Just growing out deliberate crosses from now on.

Now to wait til next year or year after for the first deliberate crosses to start flowering.
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by styrax
That's pretty interesting, and not what one would expect. Could you post some example of the seedling's foliage?
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