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Initial post today by JasonSims1984
Who knows where I can get a start of californica? I have seen the nurseries listed, but they are out of the country. I can't import it. There has to be somebody who grows this species in the country. Or has some seeds to trade :)
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Initial post 29 AUG by SoCal Coastal Rosarian
There is a growing consensus among Southern California rosarians the this rose may be the best of several cluster blooming yellow floribundas introduced over the years. Atrributes include excellent sprays highly suitable for exhibition, richness and clarity of color, superb remontancy, vigor, an attractive bush and disease resistance. The old favorite among exhibitors, Golden Holstein, is a wee bit short on vigor. I prefer this rose over it's sister seedling, Doris Day.
Reply #1 of 1 posted yesterday by Plazbo
Disease resistance there, based on the fair rating in the voting here though it seems its possibly location specific. I know its parent Julia Child is often praised online over there but its ugly and sick here (Sydney, Australia) as soon as summer temps arent killing disease.
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Initial post yesterday by Theresia
Rose Listing Omission

Rosa Wizoka

MEIalostro, Meilland (FR) 2008, Small Shrub rose of about 80-100 centimeters in height. Small, cherry-red flowers that appear in clumps. Light to no Fragrance. Healthy.
Reply #1 of 1 posted yesterday by Patricia Routley
Thank you Theresia. 'Wizoka' added.
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Initial post yesterday
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