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Initial post today by Andrew from Dolton
It's a very good year for roses in the U.K.
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Initial post today by viscount89
PINK PARFAIT is simply one of the BEST ROSES OF ALL TIME. This rose truly is a delight to grow. It is so easy and effortless. It always gives back to you. The blooms are smaller in size [floribunda] but the form is up there with the best of the classic hybrid teas. Tidy plant, glossy green foliage, cold hardy, rapid repeat bloomer, constant exhibition winner, wonderful scent, and just a pleasure. It is PINK. Basically, Tiffany is the Pink Hybrid Tea, and Pink Parfait is the PINK Grandiflora. This rose is for everyone from beginners to experts.
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Initial post today by Hamanasu
Do you detect any green tea (with honey and citrus notes) in the scent of this rose? That’s how David Austin’s catalogue describes it, but, to me, albeit dependably strong, the smell is nothing like green tea. Neither is it spicy, fruity or like attar. Perhaps a bit like linseed? Not unpleasant, but not particularly appealing either.
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Initial post yesterday by viscount89
This is one AMAZING rose! Beautiful color, form, fragrance, vigor, disease resistance.
No spraying needed and it is ALWAYS in bloom from April-December here in North Georgia.
I rarely have multiples of my different varieties but have have several bushes and 1 standard. A MUST for the rose garden.
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