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Initial post today by Flame_Master
Hi Kim,
I live in Kerala,India which has a wetter tropical climate (I suppose in a way similar to the tropical climate in Hawaii). My soil is Clay Loam and sub soil is Laterite (rich in iron), Soil pH is acidic (~5.8-6.0), ~350ft above sea level, 2200mm of rain. Temperature climbs to 95*F maximum and 62*F min. Which rootstock would you recommend for my scenario? I have R.multiflora grafts available for purchase from the Northern subtropical regions, will they grow as fast as R.fortuniana? We don't get R.fortuniana grafts here but I've heard reports that they perform extremely well in hot climates (even not going dormant at 86*F heat), should I try to get a cutting and graft my roses over to fortuniana?

Flame Master
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Initial post today by Dewberry
Hiking in the mountains of northern Idaho, I saw a lot of very large wild rose bushes. Maybe seven feet tall and seven feet wide, some bore light pink blooms and some bore reddish blooms. Any idea what they were? Maybe Rosa rugosa?
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by jedmar
I think not. Here is an article on wild roses of the Northwest. You can see that R. canina, R. rubigibosa, R. nutkana and R. woodsii can all be found in Idaho. What you have seen in the mountains are most probably the latter two.
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Initial post 8 JUN by RoseanonNM
Hard to find information on this older rose, still offered....for the time being at David Austin US. Purchased it bare root this year and it leapt out of the gate. Grew easily and was loaded with blooms, I would say at least 25 compared to my other bare roots from which I averaged 5-12 per plant. Appears to be a dense plant with flowers held upright. The blooms themselves have been variable so far, which is normal for a first year. The petals show the influence of one of the parents, Lillian Austin, in the ruffled flower form. The color has varied from mid pink to light pink and the petal count has gone up with each new flower. The scent hasn’t fully developed yet, also normal for newly planted rose, but I have caught some whiffs of what I would describe as damask and strawberries, once it is full strength it will be heaven.

Not bad in a vase, lasted 3 days and I noticed a hint of spice in the fragrance once it was inside. The firm, upright stems made it lovely and easy to arrange. All in all, very nice addition to garden.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 3 days ago by HappyRose
What size are the blooms 4.5 inches?
Reply #2 of 3 posted 3 days ago by jedmar
According to the patent they are 2,4-3,1 inches
Reply #3 of 3 posted today by RoseanonNM
I would say they are about 3”, in good proportion to the smaller scale of this plant.
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Initial post yesterday by Ambroise Paré
A climbing version of PDA has been found in Islamabad and is sold in italy by S’Orrosa with the name ’Islamabad’ rose
Reply #1 of 2 posted yesterday by Patricia Routley
Thank you. ‘Islamabad’ added.
Reply #2 of 2 posted today by Ambroise Paré
You are welcome . Thanks for the great work you do
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