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Banksian Roses/Banksianae
[From The Rose Bible, by Rayford Reddell, p. 13:] Shared traits of Banksian Roses include mammoth growth habits and a fragrance of violets. They are once-blooming.

[From The Rose Manual, by Robert Buist, p. 19:] these roses are cultivated in China, under the name of 'Wongmoue-heong', where a pink variety has been seen...

[From , by William Paul, pp. 263-265:] The Banksian Rose, so named in compliment to Lady Banks, is a complete departure from the ordinary run of Roses; the flowers, indeed, resemble more closely those of the double-blossomed Cherry. The White variety, which is deliciously sweet, was introduced from China in 1807, and about twenty years later our gardens were enriched by the arrival of the yellow one... The Banksian Roses are of very rapid growth, but they are not hardy, and can only be grown successfully out of doors against a wall; and if a dry warm border can also be secured for them it is all the better. They should be pruned in Summer, immediately after they have flowered.

[From Growing Old-Fashioned Roses, by Trevor Nottle, pp. 11-12:] Banksianae... The Lady Banks' roses... Flowers are small in rounded clusters and borne on the wood made the previous season...

They are also thornless.

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