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'Papa Meilland ®' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 9 MAY 18 by Give me caffeine
Just got to sniff one of these for the first time today. Incredible scent. I think I may have to do what Billy does, and grow it together with 'Mister Lincoln' and 'Oklahoma' just for fun. I only have the former at the moment, but have been meaning to get the latter anyway.
Reply #1 of 5 posted 24 MAY 18 by Just-one-more-rose
Hi, just wondering if you ended up getting the others, and how you find the scents compare to each other? For reds I have Oklahoma, Jubile Papa Meilland and Fragrant Charm (Duftzauber) - they are not in bloom yet (it's spring here) but I do recall the fragrance of Oklahoma from before, and it was divine. I have been thinking of adding the original Papa Meilland, and / or Mister Lincoln, but haven't decided yet. Any comments on fragrance would be appreciated (Fragrance plays a big part in my decision-making :-) I've got very limited space, 10 (x 10 gallon / 45 litres) containers fit on my balcony, so I need to be very picky). Thank you
Reply #2 of 5 posted 25 MAY 18 by Give me caffeine
No, I don't have all three yet. At the moment I only have Lincoln.

Re scent: a problem here is that, since I don't have all three side by side, any comparisons have to rely on memory and may also be affected by growing conditions, weather, etc.

However, for what it's worth: all of three of them are utterly scrumptious. I distinctly remember Oklahoma's scent as being "darker" and earthier than Lincoln, if you will excuse the synaesthesia, but in a totally good way. Lincoln, although still very rich, felt a bit lighter and maybe fruitier.

My Lincoln isn't out at the moment, so I couldn't do a direct comparison the same day as Papa Meilland, but the latter didn't smell quite like what my memory says Lincoln smells like. I remember thinking it was different, but I couldn't say exactly how at the moment. This is one reason why I'd like to try all three under the same conditions.

Lincoln is very vigorous, and tends to head for the sky like a rocket. I've heard that Oklahoma is a bit more restrained, and Meilland even more so. Meilland's colour is closer to Lincoln than to Oklahoma.
Reply #3 of 5 posted 6 JUN 18 by Just-one-more-rose
For some reason I didn't get a notification of your response, and just happened to be checking out Papa M again today, and saw your answer :-) Thanks for your detailed descriptions - I don't mind the synaesthesia at all (I did have to look up what synaesthesia meant though ;-) ) My Fragrant Charm is shooting up and has a couple of blooms already, but my Oklahoma has made only 1 or 2 new canes and not even a single bud yet <sigh> I had put it down to some sawfly issues that she had a few weeks ago, and a bit of thrips now, but maybe, as you say, she is just restrained. But I do love that fragrance, so I'm not giving up yet.
Reply #4 of 5 posted 7 JUN 18 by Give me caffeine
I think Oklahoma has the best scent out of the three, but they're all delicious.
Reply #5 of 5 posted 7 JUN 18 by Just-one-more-rose
Thank you!
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most recent 25 DEC 16 SHOW ALL
Initial post 21 JUN 05 by Unregistered Guest
How does this compare to Mr Lincoln or Black Magic, as I have both of these in my
garden now. Does it have the velvet texture ? How long do the blooms last? --K Haas
Reply #1 of 12 posted 22 JUN 05 by Anonymous-97434
Papa Meilland is a weaker grower, just as fragrant as Mr. Lincoln, much blacker and more addicted to mildew and rust. Papa Meilland, Mr. Lincoln and Oklahoma are all from the same parents and share similarities. Meilland is the weaker grower and more diseased troubled. Its blooms should last similarly to Mr. Lincoln. I haven't grown Black Magic so I can't comment on it. Would I grow Papa Meilland? I have grown it. It's beautiful. If you want "black roses" with fragrance, Papa and Oklahoma are two of the 'better" black roses.
Reply #5 of 12 posted 30 JUL 07 by BAM
I am interested in trying Papa Meilland, and would like to know if it can stand up to the heat in the summer. I live in zone 7 in the mid Atlantic region, and it gets hot and humid. Opening Night and Olympiad do well, lasting a week to 10 days in the garden, but have no scent. Love's Magic (Liebeszauber) only lasts 3-4 days from tight bud with open sepals to seeing the edges of the bloom "burn". I want to find a dark red rose with good scent that will last a week in the garden.

Reply #6 of 12 posted 30 JUL 07 by Judith C.
Papa Meilland was created in a hot place, zone 7, where I am. I haven't got that one, but Botero stands the heat very well, as does the new Harkness Carris ... Botero has a fantastic scent ...
Reply #7 of 12 posted 30 JUN 12 by Tom Smith
Hey, Tom here! Where did you purchase your Botero from? According to the HMF site all of the vendors are out of the country. (USA) If you have any ideas on how to get a plant, let me know. Thanks!
Reply #8 of 12 posted 1 JUL 12 by HMF Admin
And us (HMF) too !
Reply #9 of 12 posted 1 JUL 12 by Judith C.
Hi, Tom! Sorry, but bought from Meilland here in France. I'll have a look, but I presume they won't post to the US - problems with customs, etc.. :(
Reply #2 of 12 posted 25 JUN 05 by Terre
I have had good experience with Papa Meilland and really treasure it's rich color. It is somewhat subject to mildew just like it's sibling Mr. Lincoln, and does not grow the hefty canes (yet) that Mr Lincoln can. It does have a velvety substance or texture and is best grown with companion plants to reduce burning from sunglare and heat reflecting soil.
Reply #4 of 12 posted 20 JUL 07 by BAM

I saw your answer to a question you posted in 2005 concerning Papa Meilland and its potential for the petals to burn. I live in the mid Atlantic region, and it gets HOT and HUMID in the summer. Do you think I will have trouble with petal burn, and will it be worth trying? Also, could you comment on the "shape" of the bush, rounded like 'Sunset Celibration, Wide V like 'St Patrick', etc.

Reply #3 of 12 posted 30 AUG 05 by Unregistered Guest
Most will say that Papa is more difficult to grow than Mr Lincoln, however I have not found Papa that touchy. I feel that Papa has a more pleasant sweeter fragrance that Mr Lincoln (although both are super!). Mr Lincoln in my garden opens flatter and is slightly lighter in colour. On the negative side Papa's growth is more untidy that Mr Lincoln.

I have not grown Balck Magic so I cannot comment on this rose.
Reply #10 of 12 posted 25 DEC 16 by Michael Garhart
Black Magic is virtually scentless, and quite cold prone. Mr Lincoln and Oklahoma are HUGE HTs. I have seen many that are 10' tall here. Papa M, like Crimson Glory is a weak little thing, with really neat blooms.

Firefighter is really good, but not "black". Velvet Fragrance is also great, and dark, but it is very heat prone.

There really is no "best fragrant black-red" yet. It's a color littered with issues yet to be bred out.

I am currently growing Claret. It will be its 2nd year next summer, so time will tell. It is dark, short, and fragrant.
Reply #11 of 12 posted 25 DEC 16 by Nastarana
There was heavy rain one spring in the Central Valley. That year, the Mr. Lincoln blooms were as big as dinner plates.
Reply #12 of 12 posted 25 DEC 16 by Michael Garhart
Yup. Proudland gets that way too.
Discussion id : 74-474
most recent 24 JUN 16 SHOW ALL
Initial post 9 OCT 13 by Jay-Jay
It's striking, that some people are not able to detect any fragrance of this rose; whilst at the same moment others state: That's a strong rose perfume!
Reply #1 of 2 posted 24 JUN 16 by bumblekim
This rose is in the "Fragrance Collection" at the garden in Syracuse!
Reply #2 of 2 posted 24 JUN 16 by Jay-Jay
And with good reason! If it were available in the States, the rose 'Nachtfalter' might deserve a place over there too.
Discussion id : 92-315
most recent 22 APR 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 22 APR 16 by Jay-Jay
I grow two plants of Papa Meilland from two different origins, but as time passes by both plants now just have one cane, that I pruned in march. Hopefully there will be some new canes from the bud-union under ground-level. It doesn't thrive over here, but when it blooms, it is pure joy to both eyes and nose!
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