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'Sombreuil' rose References
Magazine  (2007)  Page(s) 51.  
CORRECTIONS/ADDITONS/DELTIONS. 'Sombreuil', Cl. T, w, 1850; Published in Modern Roses XI page 549. Correct horticultural classification; correct year is 'about 1880'
Article (magazine)  (2007)  Page(s) 404.  
Table 1. Comparison of key volatile components in representative cultivated Chinese roses and species. [adsorption volume by Solid Phase Microextraction (peak area, x10')]
DMMB: 1,3-dimethoxy-5-methylbenzene

Beta-phenylethyl alcohol 8.72
Dihydro-beta-ionone 1.55
Dihydro-beta-ionol 1.71
Beta-ionone 9.90
DMMB 4.37
Magazine  (Nov 2006)  
The ARS Classification Committee... concluded that the rose sold in the United States and elsewhere as 'Sombreuil' is not the same as the cultivar named 'Mlle de Sombreuil' originally introduced as a Tea rose by M. Robert in 1850. The cultivar currently grown and purchased in the United States under the name 'Sombreuil' is, in fact, a Large-Flowered Climber introduced into the United States, circa 1880, that does not have the typical Tea fragrance, shrub growth form, and the winter tenderness of the 1850 cultivar.

To correct this confusion, the Classification Committee has ruled that the name 'Mlle de Sombreuil' ...will be retained as the AEN for the 1850 shrub-form Tea, and that the name 'Sombreuil' be used as the AEN for the LCl....
Website/Catalog  (22 Dec 1998)  Page(s) 39.  Includes photo(s).
Sombreuil Antique Climbing Tea. Robert 1850. Description... creamy white, extremely double blooms of 100 petals... Commemorates Mademoiselle de Sombreuil, a heroine of the French Revolution. The rose sold in the USA under this name may not be the same rose sold in Europe, nevertheless it is a magnificent specimen in the garden...
Website/Catalog  (Jun 1998)  Page(s) 60.  Includes photo(s).
Book  (1997)  Page(s) 389.  Includes photo(s).
'Sombreuil' Climbing Robert (France) 1850. Description... Flowers: double, flattish, white, fragrant... A beautiful rose...
Book  (1997)  Page(s) 27.  Includes photo(s).
Sombreuil The hardiest of the climbing tea roses... abundant, scented, creamy blooms.
Book  (Nov 1994)  Page(s) 161.  
'Mlle (or Mme) de Sombreuil, Climbing' The bush form, raised in 1850 and introduced by Robert, was a hybrid of 'Gigantesque,' a pink Hybrid Perpetual. The climbing form produces good flower of wonderful beauty, somewhat reminiscent of the flat, quartered character of 'Souvenir de la Malmaison', but infinitely more refinde, of creamy white with flesh tint in the centre, whjich is filled with multitudes of small petals. Delicious tea-scent.
Book  (1994)  Page(s) 63-64.  Includes photo(s).
Sombreuil Robert, 1850
Parentage unknown
There is a great deal of mystery surrounding this rose. Many people feel that the 'Sombreuil' sold by rose suppliers today is not the rose that originated in the nineteenth century. One is the fact that in 1959 'Sombreuil' was marketed as a new variety of climbing hybrid tea named 'Colonial White'....
[caption to photo at p. 64] The 'Sombreuil' we grow in America today is not the rose described in nineteenth-century literature. Whatever the true identify of our 'Sombreuil', it is a hardy and vigorous climber, wonderful for any garden.
Book  (Nov 1993)  Page(s) 43.  Includes photo(s).
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