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'Emily Rhodes' rose References
Book  (31 Mar 2010)  
'Emily Rhodes'. LCl, mp, 1937, Clark, A.; flowers vermilion pink, large, semi-dbl. to dbl., cupped, moderate fragrance; reliable repeat; vigorous, climbing or pillar growth
[Golden Ophelia × Zephirine Drouhin]. Introductions: NRS Victoria
Book  (2010)  Page(s) 207.  Includes photo(s).
Emily Gertrude Rhodes was born at ……
Magazine  (2006)  Page(s) 24. Vol 28, No. 3.  
Peter Cox. [Re:] ‘Australian Roses’ [book]. Some of the pale pink rose photographs have printed poorly in the book on glazed paper, although the colour was good on the plain paper proofs. This could be due to the colour balance being incorrect for the sheet or insufficient light in the transparency. The roses are: p14. ‘Emily Rhodes’ ....
Book  (2003)  Page(s) 241.  
‘Emily Rhodes’ (Clark, introduced by National Rose Society of Victoria, 1937).
Book  (1999)  Page(s) 14.  Includes photo(s).
Emily Rhodes – 1937. Golden Ophelia x Zephrine Drouhin. Large Flowered Climbing or Pillar rose. Double, large, fragrant, deep pink cupped flowers, recurrent. Smooth, mid green foliage. Few prickles. Flower: 30 petals. 85 mm. Singly. Climber or Pillar 3m x 1.5m.

[refer 2006 reference]
Book  (1999)  Page(s) 32.  
‘Emily Rhodes’ Clark, Australia, 1937. Shrub. Deep pink. [available from] Cottage, Golden Vale, Gretchen, Hilltop, Mistydown, Nieuwesteeg, Roses Galore, Spring Park.
Website/Catalog  (1998)  Page(s) 16.  
Emily Rhodes. Bourbon Climber. 1937. A. Clark / Aust. Semi-climbing. Double. Few or no prickles. Fragrant. Recurrent. 4.0m x 2.7m medium pink.
Magazine  (1997)  Page(s) 28. Vol 19, No. 1.  
Elizabeth and Andrew Govanstone. The Women Behind the Roses. Several of the women were relatives.... sister-in-law, Emily Rhodes (1937)....
Book  (1997)  
p227 Picture ‘Emily Rhodes’

p254 ‘Emily Rhodes’ A climbing Hybrid Tea bred from ‘Golden Ophelia’ and Zephirine Drouhin’ and described as “large, double, cupped, fragrant pink with abundant bloom”.
Book  (1996)  Page(s) 45.  
Emily Rhodes. Clark. Australia, 1937. Shrub. Deep pink. [available from] Bleak, Golden Vale, Hilltop, John’s World, Mistydown, Nieuwesteeg.
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