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Moss.  Pink.  

Moss.  Ruby-red.  Double (17-25 petals) bloom form.  

Moss.  White.  Occasional repeat later in the season.  

Species Cross.  Double (17-25 petals) bloom form.  

Species / Wild.  Single (4-8 petals) bloom form.  Spring or summer flush with scattered later bloom.  

Hybrid Gigantea.  Dark red.  Semi-double (9-16 petals) bloom form.  

Noisette.  White, light yellow undertones.  Very double bloom form.  

China / Bengale.  Yellow, pink shading.  Single (4-8 petals) bloom form.  

China / Bengale.  Red.  Very double bloom form.  

L,N,TIda Runco

China / Bengale.  Light pink, ages to lighter .  Single (4-8 petals) bloom form.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season.  Height of up to 11½' (up to 350 cm).  Width of up to 6' 7" (up to 200 cm).

Shrub.  Pink, deep pink reverse, ages to lighter .  Single (4-8 petals), in large clusters bloom form.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season.  Height of up to 5' 11" (up to 180 cm).  Width of up to 4' 11" (up to 150 cm).

Found Rose, Tea.  Pink.  Double (17-25 petals) bloom form.  

Unknown.  Violet blue.  Single bloom form.  Height of 4¼' to 5¼' (130 to 160 cm).   Jean-Baptiste Camuzet (1837).

Hybrid Canina.  Light pink.  Semi-double (9-16 petals) bloom form.  

Hybrid Roxburghii.  Red.  

Floribunda.  Pink.  Double (17-25 petals) bloom form.  Height of up to 39" (up to 100 cm).  

Species / Wild.  

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