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5 days ago
i MUST have this rose!
11 days ago
2021: AD is about 3 years old now, planted in May 2018 from a pot. Not so much winter kill this year compared to previous years. I haven’t been protecting roses, but this one would benefit from it.
11 days ago

I have fond memories of Rio Samba from when I grew it in the garden at the old house some 25 years ago. It was one of my favorites. Anybody wondering about it should refer to the Comments from Dave Boyd/Digger regarding Rio Samba - and then you will understand. To that end, I decided to make a statement and do a "triple" of Rio Samba in the new North Garden, much like I have for the floribundas there such as Lavaglut, Playboy, Julia Child, Mandarin Ice and Oh My! Well you know what they say - the best laid plans .................

I ordered 3 Rio Sambas from 3 sources - Edmunds', Regan and Rogue Valley (my plan for the Rio Samba Triple evolved over time). It's looking like I'm batting only .333 on this one. The Regan bush looks legit. Buds are forming with some color. The Edmunds' bush is obviously Paradise and not Rio Samba. The Rogue Valley own-root bush was very small upon arrival in their 5" band pot, but green/healthy. Growth on the RV bush thus far is more like a ground cover vine of some ilk. Perhaps it will eventually become and upright growing hybrid tea. but at this point it doesn't look like it.

So it looks like my Rio Samba plans have gone astray. I guess I should be happy I have one good one (from Regan) which is doing quite well.
11 days ago
Finally some rain. Halle-freakin'-lujah! Yesterday a thunderstorm passed through about 1:45 pm and dumped a full 1.25" of rain on us! First drops of rain in about two weeks. Since April 1 we now stand at just over 3" of rain - normal or average rainfall for this period would be about 8.5". I take comfort that I won't have to water anything for a few days. Since we have had near 90 degrees for about a week (and bone dry until yesterday) the watering has become a real chore - not just the rose gardens but all of our other flower/landscape gardens around the house plus the lawn. Without watering, lawns here right now are BROWN. And it's not even mid-June yet. I'm considering an automated sprinkler system for the entire property - but we'll have to see what the $$ damage would be.
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