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14 days ago
July1: treated all upper beds for midge with CORRECT control except ND on SSE bed.7/2: 1st JB citing.Sprayed sulphur and for midge on front bed and all pots and cuttings. Sprayed all roses except New Dawn on South , Southeast bed and West bed including "U" bed. New Dawn on fence needs pellet treatment.7/3: spray all remaining roses for Midge.7/6: transplanted Cornus Mas to front brick. Planted by front brick wall: Dream Land, Scepter'd Isle, Cl. Orange Triumph.7/8: Planted in front bed Clotilde Soupert x2,Summer Romance and Nahema. Planted Bordeaux Citiscape in upper East Bed in front of New Dawn. Setina has new basals!Harvested 1st. Summer Squash.7/9: Transplanted Ceske Praci Cest and LaFrance on brick front wall.Potted up Walking Iris and Lowe's Astilbe.7/10:planted BettyPrior in front bed. Took cuttings for Tony. Cornus Mas sapling plus seeds. Aloha rooted cutting. Cl.LaFrance, Cl.Caroline Testout, Zaide, Blossomtime, Basye's purple, Belinda's dream, Quietness, Duchesse de Brabant and Eglantyne. Received cuttings from same of Redoute, plantings of LaReine x2,Comice de Tarn-et-Garonne and Deuil de Dr.Reynaud $9.45.
7/11:Planted Hummingbird Salvia in E.Upper bed, transplanted all of Tony's plants.Shipped his plants...$10.50?/12: Sprayed with sulphur BBG front,driveway,east and south steps beds,7/13 RU on elm area.Planted Cl.Caroline Testout by brick wall. Planted tomato in front by BESs.
30 JUN
Of all the seeds that germinated, just one seedling grows well. The others got badly affected by mildew. Some already died, but I will still give the others a chance to recover.
25 JUN
June 25, 2019: Bought a very large potted plant of "Perfume Breeze" from a nearby Home Depot. It had a few overblown blooms on it; I didn't notice any particular fragrance, but it was evening and my allergies are bad this time of year. The plant had a bit of blackspot on a few leaves, but it had been crowded together with the other roses at the store, so I'm sure that probably didn't help. (Plus, EVERYTHING gets blackspot in MD.) I put the pot in the backyard and watered it well. I don't know when I'll have time to plant it; I still have to put together the obelisk it will be occupying. It's supposed to be 90+ degrees F here for the next few days, so I'll make sure it doesn't dry out.

First impressions: VERY prickly! Reminds me a lot of a hybrid musk in habit. I'll check to see whether it's own-root or budded when I transplant it.
24 JUN
2019 First flush of all Roses late one week, due to constant rain.
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