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10 days ago
Obtained from Home Depot online ordering.
12 days ago
10/14: Transplanted from 724 CS Mme.Caroline Testout (next to Victorian Memory) and Lady in Red on far side of "he-shed". Roots were severely cut. Did NOT use old soil!!! Drenched for midge. Took rooted cuttings of Teasing Georgia, Autumn Sunset and Cinderella.10/16: drenched all Rose's for midge.10/17: planted Cinderella, Teasing Georgia & Autumn Sunset.

N.B.: Sometime in Oct. planted out Mme.A.Carriere x2 (small stunted cuttings) at fence corner and on RH side of "H-S" next to bench.
June 2020 - (Heirloom) container
September 2020 - transplanted in ground
west side of yard, next to Earth Angel
October 9, 2020, Heirloom Roses
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