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Website (11 Apr 2021)  Includes photo(s).

Qingdao Rose Garden is located on South Terrace, Adelaide, Sth. Aust. "The rose garden celebrates the relationship between the City of Adelaide and the City of Qingdao in China.   The statue "Song of the Wind" which forms the centrepiece of the garden, was donated by the Qingdao Municipal People’s Government. The original version of the statue stands in the Little Qingdao Park in the City of Qingdao, China. The young girl, holding an ancient Chinese harp – Konghou, plays the symphony of the sea and the city. The two statues echo each other across the seas, bonding the friendship between Qingdao and Adelaide. The red roses symbol life and celebration in Chinese culture. 
The City of Qingdao rose was bred and donated by George Thomson, a renowned South Australian rose hybridist.

Jackson & Perkins (11 Apr 2021)  Includes photo(s).
Cup of Gold   Variety 'JACausjucgog'. Item Form Bareroot Grafted. Zone 5 - 9. Bloom Start to End Late Spring - Late Fall  Habit Climbing. Height 10 ft - 12 ft. Width 5 ft. Bloom Size 3 in. Additional Characteristics Free Bloomer, Arches, Bloom First Year, Pruning Recommended, Repeat Bloomer, Trellises. Bloom Color Gold, Orange. Flower Shape Cupped, Double, Old-fashioned, Ruffled. Foliage Color Glossy, Medium Green. Fragrance Fruity, Moderate

Website (11 Apr 2021)  Includes photo(s).

Purple Breeze® rose belongs among the deepest coloured varieties available today. It is a floribunda type rose bred by NIRP International, France, and introduced as Purple Rain in 2017, and only one year later renamed to PURPLE BREEZE®. It produces 8-10 cm large, semi-double, cup-shaped flowers of deep purple violet colour. Almost no perfume. They come out repeatedly from late June until late October. Deciduous leaves are dark green, glossy, and healthy unless the summer is rainy and too humid, then a treatment against powdery mildew may be necessary. The variety forms an upright shrub 70-80 cm tall.   Planting instructions: Prepare a hole of size 30x30 cm. Put your rose in the way that the grafting point is 3 cm deep in the soil. Water well and cover new shoots with soil or bark mulch about 15 cm high. Roses tolerate wide range of soils but thrive in deep, humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil, in full sun.  Pruning: Cut the branches in half in autumn and prune hard to 3-5 live buds in spring after danger of frosts. During the flowering season prune flowered stems regularly and follow a regular feeding programme.
Last update: 22-09-2020

Modern Roses 12 (2007)  Page(s) 414.  
Purple Rain HT. m. 1995. Kawamoto, Hiromoto. Bud medium, pointed; flower mauve, 4-5 in., 24-30 petals, high-centered, borne mostly singly, intense fragrance, good repeat; foliage medium size, dark green, semi-glossy; few prickles, growth upright, medium; PP9987; (seedling x Blue Moon), greenhouse rose, int. by Carlton Rose Nurseries, 1994. 

Modern Roses 12 (2007)  Page(s) 528.  
The Attenborough Rose F. lp. Dickson. Flowers delicate pink with green tinge on petal edges, large, dbl., cupped, borne in clusters of 4-17; recurrent, foliage medium green, glossy, few prickles, vigorous, upright to bushy growth, int. by Dickson Roses, 2005. 

Pépinières Claude Michel (11 Apr 2021)  Includes photo(s).
Purple Breeze syn Purple Rain  reg. Nirprap - Nirp International. H. 0.70 / 0.80 m. Lavande tres fontaine ce. Parfum leger.

Knight's Roses (9 Apr 2021)  Includes photo(s).
Bees' Paradise Rose® Bicolour 
These little gems with bright golden stamens attract the bees to your garden and also create a lovely display. Bees’ Paradise Bicolour features clusters of salmon pink flowers with a soft, yellow centre fading to pastel shades as the bloom ages. The bush grows to approximately 60cm with healthy, glossy, dark green foliage and exhibits robust disease resistance. Landscape roses are quickly becoming a gardener’s favourite - low maintenance, hardy and compact dense growth makes them ideal for gardens large or small, or in any landscaping situation. Spent blooms are self-cleaning and deadheading is not necessary but give them a tidy up if desired. The bushes will flower almost continuously right through the growing season until pruning time. This rose is well suited to mass planting, borders, rockeries and cottage gardens or as a container plant.

American Rose Annual (1973)  Page(s) 173.  
New Roses of the World.
Prins Claus HT (IIIA) (G. de Ruiter '72) 'Mischief' x ('Queen Elizabeth' x 'Scania'). Hybrid Tea shaped buds. Five-inch, double, orange-salmon blooms borne singly and some together. Free-flowering. Slight fragrance. Abundant amount of foliage. Very vigorous growth.

American Rose Annual (1973)  Page(s) 172.  
New Roses of the World
Pismi HT (IIIA) (Isidoro Pecollo) '72) 'Dame Edith Helen' x 'Rote Rapture'.  Medium, ovoid buds. Large, cupped, double, solferino-purple with spirea-red reverse, blooms borne singly on long stems. Very good lasting quality. Petals drop off cleanly. Moderate fragrance. Abundant amount of dark green, leathery, large to medium foliage. Disease resistant. Vigorous, upright, bushy, erect growth. Free, continuous bloom. Hardy. Greenhouse Rose.

American Rose Annual (1973)  Page(s) 172.  
New Roses of the World
Pink Lorraine HT (IIIA) (J. Williams) 'Milord' x 'Farah'. Very full, shapely, 4 3/4 inch, 40 petaled, opening pink and paling to white with cream at base, blooms borne singly on long stems. Free flowering. Slight fragrance. Mat, medium green foliage. Moderately vigorous, healthy, upright growth. 
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