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The Rose Annual (The National Rose Society, 1907-1965) (1963)  Page(s) 157.  

Trial Ground Awards 1962. 
Certificate of Merit to Ambrosia (Flori.). Trial Ground  No. 152. Reg.  No. 752. Raiser and Distributor: Alex. Dickson & Sons Ltd., N. Ireland. Seedling x 'Shepherd's Delight'. Vigour  of growth, 8. Habit of growth dwarf and bushy with plentiful dark green foliage, 8. Freedom from disease, 14.  Blooms  flat (11 petals), 2 1/2 to 3 inches across when open, produced in clusters. Colour amber, 8.   Freedom of flowering, 17. General effect, 8. Fragrance, 4. 

Ross Roses (27 Jan 2021)  Includes photo(s).
Little Dragon. Stunning miniature. Dainty spiral buds of yellow and with orange stripes which are quite spectacular. Good flowering in clusters over a neat low bushy plant.  Colour: Orange. Height: Very Low.  Scent: Slight

Thomas for Roses (2005)  Page(s) `17.  
Hybrid Teas.  Yellow Surprise  Golden edged Rose pink, fragrant, ltall. 

The Rose Annual (The National Rose Society, 1907-1965) (1959)  Page(s) 96.  Includes photo(s).
p96.  First Choice (floribunda shrub)  'Sultane' x 'Masquerade'.  Raised by Henry Morse & Sons, Norwich. 

p192. Trial Ground Awards 1958.  
Certificate of Merit to First Choice  (flori), shrub).  Raiser and Distributor Henry Morse & Sons.  Trial Ground No. 1548.  Reg. No. 455.  'Sultane' x 'Masquerade'. Growth very vigorous, tall and branching, ample medium green foliage 17.  Freedom from disease 10.  Blooms single and large, 4 1/2 inches acros when open (7 petals), Geranium Lake 20  shading to bright yellow at base 16.  Freedom of flowering 16. General effect 7.  Fragrance 6.  

Edmund's Roses Website / Catalog (26 Jan 2021)  Includes photo(s).
Ruby Red Hybrid Tea Rose.  (PPAF) Var: MElzilena Just like Dorothy's slippers, there's a little something special about this new hybrid tea. Long stems perfect for cutting are clothed in a lovely gown of green, glossy foliage and they hold their blooms high for all to see. The petals are the perfect shade of ruby red and the flowers are produced in such abundance that you'll almost always have some for beautiful bouquets. Vigorous plants have an upright, full and bushy form that looks so great in a container, you would almost think it's a shrub. All that's missing is fragrance and this rose would be a dream come true. Displays excellent disease resistance on the West coast. Grown own root. Height 54-60.  Petals 18. 

Les Amis des Roses (Jul 1953)  Page(s) 3. trimester, inset.  Includes photo(s).
Constellation (Gaujard 1950)
Médaille d'Or S. L. H. 1er Certificat au Concours Internationale de Génève 1950.
Reproduction et exportation inderdites.

Les Amis des Roses (Jul 1953)  Page(s) 3. trimester, inset.  Includes photo(s).
Elvire Popesco "La Rose Dorée"
Gaujard, obt. 1950
1er Certificat Concours Internationale Génève 1949 - Médaille d'Or S. L. H. 1950
Reproduction et exportation interdites.

Paris Journal Vol. 2 1944-1955 (1965)  Page(s) 175.  
...The only rose that was so new it looked positively peculiar was a fascinating little item frankly named Incendie , which had a center like pink gas-log asbestos and outside petals of burnt-out lavender ....

Revue Horticole (1953)  Page(s) 893.  
Certificat de mérite : au No 2 , Danse de Feu , de Ch . Mallerin , à Varces ( France ) , rouge orange , issu d ' Incendie .

Modern Roses 6 (1965)  Page(s) 189.  
Incendie. HT. (Mallerin.) Not in commerce but well known in France.
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