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12 days ago
#1 Chuckles... dead
Perle D'or... dead
#2 (2) shoots
(2) shoots
(2) dead
#3 (4)TA... green
Charlotte... Dead

#4 (2) DEAD
#4 (1) shoots
#4 (2) shoots and maybe buds
#4 (2) BN ... green
#5 (2) MPavie... green

#6 MBoccella (2) sending out leaves
#6 RdR ... dead
#9 MilK... buds
#10 ND... probably dead

#XL (2) CSbush ... shoots
(2) unknown shoots
(1) unknown shoots
(1) unknown dead
#8 callicarcarpa.... green
#3 galium... rooted
Molineux: Received as a potted, defoliated, 1 gallon from Heirloom Roses. On “sale” for $36.00. Used my $37 gift card, and discovered that shipping would be about $15. Heirloom offers free shipping with a $50 purchase, so I added some liquid bone meal for $14.95 and qualified for free shipping. Rose ordered on 11/09/17. I requested shipping the week of 11/20. Molineux arrived Monday, 11/27. A week in the box from Oregon to CA! I guess Thanksgiving really threw the shipping off.
28 NOV
I am extremely lucky to have the Adjutant in my collection a beautiful rose
27 NOV
#2 and #4 cuttings putting out growth as well as rooted cutting of Belinda's Dream.
Unknown rooted cutting blooming. Long leaf-like sepals that completely reflexed upon the bloom opening. Possibly another Cl. Clotilde Soupert or an accidental Bolero. Fragrance strong and pleasant, but with a familiar ammonia ending.
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