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4 days ago
Received from Spring Hill rainbow of roses
Keep track of GLOSSY & SHINY leaves on OWN-ROOT roses that like alkaline minerals. These are very robust & bloom well in my heavy alkaline clay (pH 7.7): Bolero, Pat Austin, Christopher Marlowe, Poseidon (low-thorn), Kordes Coral Flowercarpet (low-thorn), Barbra Streissand (low-thorn), Savannah, James Galway (low-thorn), Sweet Promise 2007 (low-thorn), Sheila's perfume, Tchaikosky, Evelyn, Betty White, Orchid Romance, Polka, Twilight zone (low-thorn), Neil Diamond, and Anna's promise.

The low-thorn glossy roses need more water & partial shade, such as Barbra Streissand, Poseidon, Kordes Coral-flowercarpet Twilight Zone, James Galway.

From below link, these Austin have glossy foliage: Boscobel, PAK, James Galway, Princess Ann, The Poet's wife, A. S. Lad.

From rose forum, folks report these to have glossy foliage: Francis Meilland, Julia Child, Westerland, Living Easy, Sunsprite, Apricot Vigorosa, Cinderella Fairytale, Lasting Love, Hot Cocoa, Purple Passion, Irish Hope, Elle, Chicago Peace, Moonstone, Rouge Royal and Trumpeter.

From HMF, these roses have shiny & glossy foliage: First Crush, Honey Nectar, Della Reese, Rugelda, Royal sunset, Silver Cloud, Love Potion, Princess de Monaco, Pumpkin Patch, Apple Blossom, Cinco de Mayo, Betty Boop, Souvenir de Marcel Proust, Sweet Arlene, Sundance, Amber Queen, Spice so Nice, Tahitian Sunset, Day breaker, Apricot nectar.
8 days ago
One of the promising 2018 Westerland seedlings. Despite the hot and dry weather, this-one produced a warm bright-colored yellow flower. A bit sun-bitten (in stead of frost-bitten).
Bought this rose twice as own-root from Roses Unlimited. One bloom can perfume the entire room. Except Japanese Beetles love to eat this. First one survived 2 zone 5a winters, then died in dry spring. Second one died in its 1st-dry-spring. Roots are solid & woody but shallow. If I have to do it all over again, I would get my cut-off plastic-containers to form a circular ring around to winter-protect & to hold in moisture & pile up leaves.
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