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My Stars+
All the resistant lines have black spot resistance derived from
R. wichuriana ‘Basye’s Thornless’. The moderately resistant and susceptible parents are
commercial roses with excellent ornamental characteristics
The TAMU Rose Breeding Program has used R. wichuriana ‘Basye’s
Thornless’ as a source of high black spot resistance and crossed it with several cultivars
of Rosa chinensis (‘Old Blush’ and ‘Ducher’) to combine the high resistance from R.
wichuriana with the flower characteristics and recurrent blooming trait of R. chinensis.
This rose has disease resistant germplasm from the Basye and TAMU
rose breeding program. Moore during his career, released several cultivars such as
‘Gina’s Rose’ and ‘My Stars’ which are hybrids with Dr. Basye’s materials (Texas
A&M Rose Breeding and Genetics Program, 2014)
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