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8/1:Planted New Dawn on Western driveway fence. Repotted Darla's Enigma and Cl.Clothilde Soupert.8/3: repotted Cl. La France, Prosperity& Betty Prior.8/4: repotted Red cascade, NOID SR & EVS/GDOL. 8/5: planted Pink Pet, White Meidilland, Ch-Ching, All My Loving in Fountain beds.
New growth on Viking Queen, Falstaff and Heathcliff and ND. 8/9: sprayed all roses with cyf and sulfur. Struck cuttings of Carefree Beauty, La Marne and Tooth Fairy using wood chips and behind H.s.8/10: planted sugar moon in Fountain Bed. Repotted Cornelia and Maggie ( large pot).8/14: dug up and potted MAC (looking poorly), repotted Windchimes and Sky Rocket. Potted cuttings in ground: Tooth Fairy, Viking Queen, Anne Boleyn, Ballerina. Very small roots on all except Viking Queen.
posted 26 NOV 12 by Jay-Jay
Prince Jardinier/Schloss Ippenburg:
is very healthy, a vigorous plant (up to 1,8 m),has a beautifull form, a very nice fragrance (see the awards), and shows no balling. If that mightn't reason enough to plant it... it lasts long on a vase.
Needs some winterprotection and planting the bud union deep enough(appr.8cm)
Lichtkönigin Lucia and my Moonlight LCL from Kordes are also very rain resistant.
Erinnerung an Brod too.
And a real stunner, continuously flowering continuously, despite the rain, is Ingrid Bergman. Also a very good form, fragrant, no balling, excellent vaselife and a vigorous very healthy plant up to 1,8 m in one season.
Sharifa Asma behaves well too, relatively small plant, but very winterhardy and exquisite perfume... no balling.
As for (not) balling,or good rain resistance: Hot Chocolate is good too! Just like Kronenbourg(Cl.), Scharlachglut and Bolchoï." Jay- Jay
Pierre de Ronsard ®
Initial post 15 AUG 13 by Jay-Jay
This rose lasts for two weeks on a vase

*** White Licorice, Caprice de Meilland, Veteran's Honor, Moonstone, Firefighter, Quietness, Valencia and Tiffany also good for vase. Shazam and Polonaise (Buck rose) last 2 weeks in the vase. America lasts 1 week in the vase & takes partial shade. Sunset celebration lasts long in the vase & hardy in MN. Wedding Bells last 8 to 9 days in the vase for Badger Rose. Alec's red is hardy to zone 5 & good cut flower. Peter Mayle takes partial shade & good cut flower.

Independance du Luxembourg
by Dianne's Southwest Idaho Rose Garden "This rose is not only beautiful and fragrant, it lasts forever both on the bush and in the vase."
25 FEB 04 by Anonymous-797
This is a very good rose - bloomed in the winter time in Houston area, the blooms lasted 2 weeks in a vase!!!!! Medium sized blooms in HT form. Very happy I got this rose.
29 JUL
The still potted 2017 OP seedling looks very healthy and makes lots of shoots.
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