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Roses in Croatia:
In a supermarket in Croatia they had quite a selection of roses, each for 20 kunas. They were like bare root roses except they had the roots packed tightly in soil and cling foil, and they stood in cardboard boxes in the vegetable section of the supermarket. The cultivars I can remember were Valencia (unspecified which one), White Wedding, Baby Gold Star, Orange Dream (I bought those four), Sunsprite, Coral Dawn, Iceberg/Schneewittchen, Casino, White Cockade, Barkarole, Kardinal, Firenza, Mony, Bonny, Golden Showers, Gold Medal, and a red ground cover I can't recall.
As I don't know which Valencia I got, I will update this post or move it when the plant has grown and I can tell.
I was quite surprised at my finding. Some of these roses are exceedingly rare. I saw lots of roses growing in the city which has a great climate for grapes, figs, olives and sharon fruit, apparently, because in nearly all the gardens these were growing abundantly. I couldn't identify a lot of the roses growing in the gardens unfortunately, because they were none of the usual suspects from where I normally scout gardens, except Iceberg. However, most of the roses I saw at the super market I can't remember having seen in real life before, so some of the roses in the city could well have been those.
All of them should be deemed very well suited for a Mediterranean climate.
Roses as symbols:
This is a photo of a remaining part of The Wall in Berlin which has been decorated by artists. The roses stamped onto the years symbolize - I believe - the people who were shot while trying to leave East Germany.
Roses can overcome walls - maybe that's why I like climbers and ramblers so much.
21 OCT
I have not been that successful with white roses. Ones I planted tended to shatter quickly and I pulled out a few(pretty famous ones). One winter I walked by the yard of a rose fancier and the only thing in bloom was this lovely white Randy Scott on 2 giant untrimmed shrubs. That's for me I decided and found one on line. It is about 3 years now that I have this one and it is always putting out a single new bloom. About every 4th bloom has a slight lime scent. Mine does not seem to have the often mentioned pink on the buds. The unfolding form is often unexpectedly beautiful. The texture of the petals is very satisfying, not flimsy. On the plant it lasts 3 weeks unless we are having a heat wave. Indoors about a week and a half. Pretty good! Much happier with this than I was with Pascal and JFK. Maria Shriver does not have this same kind of bloom form either, not as filled out or high in center. I have yet to see this at the nurseries but it ended my quest for the white rose perfectly. Think this one was on its own root it did come in a quart of dirt. I know I will be getting another sooner or later because it is quite a rose.
12 OCT
First year of this rose, grows very straight and high, no blooms.some low leaves are with black spots.
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