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14 days ago
Cuttings: 9 ttl. containers, 16 cuttings:
Duchesse de Brabandt; 9-12 Zaide 9-12;Bl.Abundance x3 9-12;Parade and Blossomtime 10-4;DBuss, recut 10-11;BubbleBath 10-11;Belinda x2 10-11;Cl.Cl.Soupert x4 10-12;NOID CB or LaMarne 9-10/10-18.
Extanct rooted cuttings:
Gifted: Fl.Rosita x2;Pretty Jessica;Scepter'd Isle.
20 varieties & 42 total Personal:CB or LaMarne 1;Bl. Abundance1;Red Cascade 2;The tooth Fairy 3;EVS 1;NOID AB 2; Cl. Jackie 2;Viking Queen 5;Ballerina 4; NOID 3; Jean le Joie 1; Teasing Georgia 1;Caroline Testout 1;New Dawn 1; Maggie 2;Aloha; Awakening 1; Pink Pet 3; Zaide 2; Holly 1.
Repotted 2 Diplandia into 5 gallon pots. Repotted avocado. Medium = soil 2, Peat 2, mulch 2.11/6: repotted Jasmine x 1.
Callus on Zaid cutting.11/8: repotted Jasmine x1. Sprayed insecticide on all cuttings and rooted cuttings.11/9: sprayed fungicide on all cuttings and footings. received 3 roses from Peter Schneider and repotted. Dreamland; Ascot; Peggy M.11/12: brought all cuttings and rooted cuttings into Solarium with extra light. Also hooked up heating pad for cuttings and select rootings ie. Red Cascade.11/14:repotted Pink Pet *2. Brought in all plants to vestibule: ppx2,cl cs x2, the Fairy,adc,DE, 11/16: Hooked up 2nd heater in solarium.
19 OCT
I need another one!! Where can I buy one?!????
18 OCT
Teasing georgia
15 OCT
Cuttings before winter freezzz: under the Spirea bush. When DH mowing grass, leaves blowing this direction and pile up. Sticks keeping them in place. When ground frozen(stable frozen) I will add more leaves and sticks on top of pile(to keep them knit) before BIG snow. Or - tight bunch cuttings and bury under ground (as low as tulips) At spring: dig out-ready to go under the jar in shady garden.
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