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29 MAR
Today I am happy, becouse every day there is germinating a new seedling here. Almost all of them are seeded in 2016. So I had to be patience. [(spinosissima Andrewsii x Mon Amie Claire) x Self Pollination ] , [(Single Cherry x Hansa) x Self Pollination] and [(Yellow Romantica x Single Cherry) x Self Pollination]. Why all this Self Pollinations? I want the characteristics, but now they are not at the same plant. I hope the characteristics will come together. The reflowering ones do not set hips here and the ones that set easy hips do not reflower. Maybe they will never come together, but it is nice to try. The Mon Amie Claire bloodline got reflowering from Autumn Damasks, the Hansa bloodline from rugosa and the Yellow Romantica bloodline from teehybrids. I want to come to reflowering spinosissma with the characteristics of the wild 'Dunerose' growing at the Dutch Coast. The Rose I used 'Andrewsii x Mon Amie Claire' is a Rose bred by Knud Pedersen (Denmark) and the Rose 'Single Cherry x Hansa' is a Rose bred by Roland Hermanson (Sweden). The 'Yellow Romantica x Single Cherry' is one of my own crossings.
29 MAR
Two seeds of this unknown variety germinated. Hope they will flower as dark-red, as the hip-parent does!
28 MAR
Two OP seeds of this rose germinated.
26 MAR
In the air is a tingling hint of spring.
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