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26 NOV
Contemplated my yesterdays' "lamentation"(journal) and pitied the member, that works the soil and plants rose/trees and or shrubs in the garden "Rocks and Roses".
That has to be a heck of a job, unless one has a small crane at his/her disposal.... Hats off!!!
25 NOV
Today, I planted some unknown found roses, some unnamed Himmelsauge seedlings and of-course some known roses with names tagged.
And an old apple variety too of a 19th century seedling-society: the "Lunterse Pippeling".
When I dug a hole, I encountered a big slab of concrete at a depth of 60 cm. Had to be a less lazy gardener, for at first I wanted to dug just a small hole.... instead it got deeper and wider and wider.
Now I understand, why that part of the garden was that dry, or too wet when rain fell.
Now the slab is removed and the small/tiny apple-tree planted, no-one can guess what a heck of a job that was.
Hopefully the tree will reward me with long lasting and tasty apples the oncoming years.
24 NOV
Moved two 'Zaide' to pool room.
Wednesday 11-22
24 NOV
A few days ago, after a 48 hours soak and a supplementary Oxonia bath, I put the R. webbiana seeds I became from KBW Organic ( in wet masonry sand in the fridge at 1°C.
Two months from now, I'll sow them.
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