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Max Singer Catalogue Général (1886)  Page(s) 83.  
Souvenir du Rosiériste Rambeaux. (Rambeaux 1884). Au commerce par Dubreuil. Arbuste très vigoureux, très florifère, fleur en coupe, coloris rose carmine à l'interieur avec un large onglet jaune paille, se fondant dans le rose, à l'exterieur marginée d'un large liseré rose vif, sur fond jaune canari pâle. Très odorante.

Souvenir du Rosiériste Rambeaux. (Rambeaux 1884). Introduced by Dubreuil. Bush very vigourous, very free flowering, flower cupped, colour carmine pink inside with a wide straw yellow nub, blending into the pink, outside margined with a broad border of bright pink, on a pale canary yellow background. Very fragrant.

The Padre's Botanical Gardens, General Catalog (1923)  Page(s) 43.  Includes photo(s).
Mr. A.E. Kundred, a rose that excells the great Maman Cochet.

H. Cannell & Sons Floral Guide (1909)  Page(s) 102.  
New Roses.
Mathilde Liegeard (Tea). Delicate rose, carmine at the edge of the petals; long pointed buds; large full flowers.

Modern Roses 8 (1980)  Page(s) 286.  
Marie Stern HT. (H. C. Brownell; int. Stern's Nurs. '69). Tip Toes x Queen Elizabeth.  Bud pointed; fl. large, dbl. (40-45 petals), globular, fragrant, orange. very vig., upright, abundant bloom. Pl. Pat. 2959. o-r.

Modern Roses 6 (1965)  Page(s) 267.  
Midnite Sun HT. (Brownell '55) Sutter's Gold x R. wichuraiana seedling. Large (5 in.), dbl, (40 petals), fragrant, buttercup-yellow edged red, becoming lighter, bushy; free bloom. Pl. Pat. 1510.

Modern Roses IV (2019)  Page(s) 153.  
Lady Lou HT. (Brownell '48) Pink Princess x Shades of Autumn.  Bud long pointed.  Fl. large to medium, dbl. (50 petals), high-centred, fragrant, jasper-red to rose-opal. Fol. glossy, light. Vig., dwarf. Pat 1059.

American Rose Annual (1952)  Page(s) 267.  
Roses Patented in the United States Since Publication of the 1951 Annual.
1059. Lady Lou HT. Issued to Josephine D. Brownell, Little Compton, Rhode Island, January 1, 1952.

American Rose Annual (1944)  Page(s) 191.  
Proof of the Pudding.
Creeping Everbloom .....

American Rose Annual (1942)  Page(s) 168.  
Proof of the Pudding.
Creeping Everbloom.....

American Rose Annual (1939)  
p241.  New Roses of All the World.
Pink Princess (HT (J. D. Brownell, 1940) (Dr. W. Van Fleet x General Jacqueminot) x Break o'Day.  Bud large, pointed, red; flower large, double, high-centred, very lasting, unusually fragrant, deep rose pink to slightly more yellow, on long stem.  Foliage abundant, leathery, glossy.  Very vigorous (5 ft), bushy; profuse bloomer (more than 150 in a season) all season.  Survives -25°.

p249 List of Registered Roses. 
Pink Princess  HT. J. D. Brownell; The Brownells.
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