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'Gustav Grünerwald' rose References
Book  (2006)  Page(s) 200.  
Gustav Grunerwald. HT. rrr/fff/3. Lambert, 1903. Provenance: Heritage Rose Gardens, California. An early offspring of the first pure Hybrid Teas with nearly thornless stems; flowers are a cool pink shading lighter, veined darker, large, cupped, with a fresh, powdery scent.

[refer to the 1905 reference.]
Book  (Apr 1999)  Page(s) 406.  
Gustav Grünerwald Hybrid Tea. Lambert 1903. Two parentages are given: (1) 'Safrano' x 'Mme. Caroline Testout'; (2) 'Bicolor' x 'Grossherzogin Viktoria Melitta von Hessen'. The author cites information from different sources... bright carmine with yellowish center... Grünerwald (Gustav [sic], chief gardener to the Imperial Court at Gatchina...
Book  (Apr 1999)  Page(s) 556.  
Gustav Grünerwald Hybrid Tea. Peter Lambert 1903
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 229.  
Gustav Grünerwald Hybrid Tea, pink blend, 1903, 'Safrano' x 'Mme. Caroline Testout'; Lambert, P. Description.
Book  (Jun 1992)  Page(s) 264.  
Gustav Grünerwald Hybrid Tea. Lambert, 1903. Parentage: 'Safrano' x 'Mme Caroline Testout'. [Author cites information from different sources.]
Website/Catalog  (1982)  Page(s) 19.  

Gustav Grunerwald (Hybrid Tea) Well formed flowers of rich carmine with deep yellow centres. Fragrant. 1903 (R) 3 x 3’.

Booklet  (1979)  Page(s) 11.  Includes photo(s).
The Edwardian era can therefore be looked upon as the first great era of the Hybrid Tea. ‘Gustav Grunerwald’ was one of hundreds of similar varieties and has come down to us today not necessarily as one of the best, but certainly as one of the strongest. Undoubtedly its breeding has something to do with this tenacity, for one of its parents ‘Mme. Caroline Testout’ is perhaps one of the strongest and most famous Hybrid Teas in existence.
Scent is one of ‘Gustave Grunerwald’s best attributes, and without question this factor won it popularity over many of its contemporaries. Another asset is tidiness, for it makes a shapely bush with fine foliage. The flower is attractive in colour, being carmine-pink with a tint of lemon becoming apparent at the centre when the petals are older and the flower is fully open. Held on a strong neck, the flowers are large enough for the show bench, and the twenty-eight petals hold their form well when cut. Fairly free of disease, this rose is worth growing even by gardeners who are not experts. Providing that liberal pruning is exercised in order to keep the bush from becoming leggy, it will grow quite happily without further attention.
Article (misc)  (1954)  Page(s) 41.  
Gustav Grunerwald 28 chromosomes
Book  (1947)  Page(s) 157.  
Gustav Grunerwald (H.T.) has full double cup-shaped flowers of deep pink, glossy green foliage, and may be relied upon to do its best always. Lambert 1903...Vigorous. Very fragrant...June-September. Hardy.
Book  (1946)  Page(s) 35.  
Alister Clark. Save the Roses. I have had good seedlings from Gustav Gunnerwald [sic] and ... to name a few, and yet cannot now procure plants of them. It is easy to see that we may lose Roses that are invaluable for breeding.
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