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Patricia Routley
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Initial post yesterday by Michael Garhart
Reply #1 of 1 posted yesterday by Patricia Routley
Someone at the National Trial Garden once thought so. I've changed that to deep pink.
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Initial post 2 days ago by HubertG
I hope this illustrates that those roses that don't usually set hips can do so under certain conditions. In February this year I noticed a bloom of 'White Maman Cochet' that had been half-eaten away by some pest, partly exposing a group of normal looking pistils. I removed the rest of the petals and I took the opportunity to pollinate it using 'Papa Gontier' because it was fresh on hand. Of course I had no idea if it had already been pollinated by an insect before I got to it. The hip readily swelled and then actually split but continued to develop on the bush. Today (20th May 2018) I noticed that the hip had been nibbled by some pest so, even though it didn't appear ripe, I cut it off to avoid losing it all together. There were many seeds inside, some very small but I'll plant them all to see what comes up. This is the only hip I've ever seen on my 'White Maman Cochet'.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 2 days ago by Patricia Routley
Divide them into three, and
1. put one third in a paper towel with a few drops of water, and then into a plastic-wrap bundle in the crisper for four weeks.
2. plant one third now in a tray of seed raising mix
3. I don't know. Any suggestions from anybody?
Reply #2 of 2 posted yesterday by HubertG
I've just put them in a snap-lock bag in the fridge for now. I don't really know if tea rose seeds benefit from cold treatment. Does anyone else know? Does this only benefit European roses? I figure it can't hurt anyway. I'll plant half of them next weekend in any case.
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Initial post 2 days ago by Patricia Routley
Just because I like dates:

1875. Perle d'Or
1880. Mlle Cecile Brunner
1889. Mme Thibaud (PAEONY)
1894. Mlle. Cecile Brunner Cl.
1909. While Cecile Brunner
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Reply #1 of 1 posted 7 MAY by Patricia Routley
Or never get named, or perhaps renamed. Hows this Australian list for starters (there are a few familiar breeder/distributor names that keep cropping up):

Star Most Disease tolerant Meilland/

91-16366 Bronze Bear Creek/

BB/12G/89 Silver. Best shrub Austin/
Int B254-95 Silver Interplant/Grandiflora Nurs
92-21933 Bronze Bear Creek
Soupir Bronze Meilland
Trafic Cert of Merit Meilland/
Trefle Cert of Merit. Most Fragrant Meilland
Urgence Cert of Merit Meilland
Trema Most Pest resistance Meilland

JACbutse [yellow/pink flori – Bed 18 Bronze Bear Creek

FRYlionit Cert of Merit. Fryer/Swane
CHEWflorex Cert of merit Warner/Oakes

Ranch (fl. Pink to white) Gold Meilland/Swane

ENTrain Bronze Meilland/
WEKhadsac Bronze Weeks/

GT Bronze. Most frag. Guillot/The Rose Gdn
(bed no. 17) 96-04305 Bronze- no name to enter J&P/Swane
JACoddes Cert of merit. Best HT J&P/Swane

FIOcon Silver, Most Disease tolerant Meill/Corp
[sent email. No resolution] 9809262 Cert of Merit J&P/Swane

D 782 Bronze. Best HT Fryer/Swane
98-06544 Bronze J&P/Swane

H414 Bronze Harkness/Brundrett
FAUcille Bronze Meill/Corp
IMPlex Bronze Meill/Corp

M 192 Bronze Fryer/Swanes
98-05603 Bronze J&P/Swanes
L 775 Bronze Fryer/Swanes
00-05223 Cert of Merit J&P/Swanes
5463-99-7 Cert of Merit Meill/Corp
99-05-841 Cert of Merit J&P/Swanes

MOSaik Gold. Best flor Meill/Corp
DUO Bronze Meill/Corp
PEAgateau-Lan Bronze Limes/Lansdale
[cream flori] H419 Bronze Harkness/Knight
JAC 99-00282 Bronze J&P/Swane
PEAkey-Lan Cert of Merit Limes/Lansdale

ORA 1945 Bronze, Orard/Swanes
Peakvass LAN-2-09 Cert of Merit Limes/Lansdale
TAN-217 Cert of Merit Rosen Tantau/Knight’s
KGT-03 Cert of Merit Trimper/Trimper
Peajolly-LAN-6-09 Cert of Merit Limes/Lansdale

MEIdrange Cert of Merit Meilla/Corporate
PEAhansome Cert of Merit Limes/Lansdale

DAIkin Silver Meilland/Corp
00-05252 Bronze Zary/Swanes
OPPeln Bronze Meilland/Corp
02-01155 Bronze Zary/Swanes
MAMours (HT) Bronze Meilland/Corp
01-02063 Cert of Merit Zary/Swanes
03-02525 Cert of Merit Zary/Swanes
KGT 04 Cert of Merit Trimper/Trimper
[dark pink mini] >Limesfeuer? PEAjumbo (LAN-2-11-NN). Cert of Merit Limes/Lansdale

AM807 / MELOW Silver Medal Meilland/Corp.
AM807 / MELOW Irwin Award Meilland
BRUnrose Silver Medal Brundrett
BRUnjames Certificate of Merit Brundrett
Reply #2 of 1 posted 2 days ago by Plazbo
I noticed the lack of official naming as's odd

With some of them I assume it's because there's a "similar" plant with more international fame (although often had a lower medal or no medal at all) and that's having a big influence on our market here rather than the better performers becoming the new "standard".

Seems like such a waste when a gold medal or most disease resistant plant isn't released.
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