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Robert D.
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Initial post 29 APR 13 by Robert D.
We had one Georgia rose bush when we lived in Stockton CA. It was planted with a southern exposure in full sun, and did marvelously well. Gigantic and beautiful blooms on a 6 foot tall bush. Flowers were actually much more than "mildly" fragrant. We found them in color and fragrance to be similar to "Abraham Darby", but definitely a HT form. The one negative, and a big one, is the thorns. I've NEVER seen anything like them! Huge downward pointing hooks that were extremely thick on all canes, thiick or slender. A real danger to clothes and skin. Truly the most difficult thorns I have ever encountered, including Pink Grootendorst! Anyway, if you can find it (we cannot) and can possibly brave the thorns, this is a healthy, gorgeous rose in all other aspects.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 11 JAN 20 by canaan
Hi please can you let me know where can i find H.T. GEORGIA rose .thanks Canaan.
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Initial post 19 JUN 14 by Robert D.
We found Waihiki in a sales barrel as a "body bag" 1 1/2 grade at K-Mart. It is turning into a beautiful plant, and it has gorgeous, fragrant flowers. Had never heard of it prior to stumbling upon it as described above. So glad that we did. It has lovely foliage, too. It is starting to take off, and looks like it will be quite vigorous. Will keep all informed if interested.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 12 MAR 15 by goncmg
How did it turn out? Did it stay vigorous? Being a K-Mart body bag, did it come true to variety?
Reply #2 of 2 posted 13 MAR 15 by LonRob
It is doing terrific. When it bloomed the blossoms were exactly what we expected and lovely. This season, it is showing good vigor and beautiful, shiny maroon foliage. The leaves mature into a rich green which accent the blooms so well. If you can find it,give it a try.
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Initial post 28 JUL 14 by Robert D.
Though this rose is certainly beautiful and has a delicious scent, it is NOT a good idea to put this rose in full sun if your climate is hot. We live in Concord CA, zone 9b, and our first one fried within a month in 2013. Our second one was in good shape until the weather started getting hot this year. We moved it to a much shadier position, and that has improved the plant, which is now showing much new growth. If we had left it where we originally had it, this one would have been a goner by now, too. Worth having, but be careful where you place it!
Reply #1 of 5 posted 11 AUG 14 by Jay-Jay
That depends on Your climate, over here(zone 6b) it behaves very well in full sun... But in partial shady locations too, but then it flowers less.
Reply #2 of 5 posted 11 AUG 14 by Robert D.
Yes, climate is everything. Our 9b can be over 100 for days at a time, and this rose did NOT like it. It is now much happier in a partially shady spot that gets nice morning sun. Flowering well and the flowers are not burning. The worst thing, though, was seeing the leaves just crisp up to nothing last year, no matter how well watered. We are happier, and so is Francis!
Reply #3 of 5 posted 11 AUG 14 by Jay-Jay
You're right.
Only it's strange for me, for I'm not used to the name You use... I know this rose as "The gardening Prince" (free translation).
Reply #4 of 5 posted 12 AUG 14 by Robert D.
I'll bet that is the name under which it was released in The Netherlands, where you are. It was released as "Francis Meilland" in the US, and was Rose of the Year by the ARS. By the way, if you want to try a rose that we had never heard of until recently, see if you can find Waiheke. Also known as Waikiki in some areas. It's beautiful, fairly fragrant, and LOVES the heat and sun. Also a tough plant. We had critters in our yard nibbling at it, and it has developed into a lovely bush since we moved it closer to our house. The perpetrators seem to leave it alone now. You can find it here on HMF, if you are at all interested.
Reply #5 of 5 posted 12 AUG 14 by Jay-Jay
Alas, that-one isn't available in The Netherlands... and if it would survive the sudden change of our temps in winter of the last years? Or -20 degree at night and also bare frost with sun and blazing winds? I doubt it. I lost several zone 7a or b roses the past years.
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Initial post 18 JUL 14 by Robert D.
We purchased this one mail order, and received a healthy, but very small, plant. Its first months were spent growing with no sign of blooms, but all of a sudden there were a number of buds. They bloomed beautifully, and smelled incredible. Once that first cycle was done, this rose has bloomed in frequent, small flushes. The roses are lovely and scented deliciously. They last much longer than you might expect, and we just love them. Would not want to be without at least one of these in our garden. Give it a try. Gorgeous!
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