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Initial post 19 AUG by mar
Hello friends: I have some photos taken at a rose contest in Spain. The name on the sign was Concerto. They have more than 30 petals and from the color I think it could be "Concerto" bred byMarie Louise Meilland-1987 hybrid tea rose. I am attaching a photo to discuss it before uploading. A greeting from Spain
Reply #1 of 2 posted 20 AUG by jedmar
It looks like the 1953 Concerto by Francis Meilland. Please compare the photos. Did you see it in Madrid or Barcelona?
Reply #2 of 2 posted 20 AUG by mar
I took the photos in Tarragona, near Barcelona. Francis Meilland's rose has 9-16 petals and the photo of the roses I show has more than 30. That is why I think it is the Concerto rose by Marie Louisette Meilland
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Initial post 10 FEB 19 by mar
Hello, I need to know your URL to make the donation. If I continue DONATE, it tells me that the page does not exist
  Best regards
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The lyrics of the song "Le métèque" is by Georges Moustaki who composed it and recorded it in 1969. (it can not be by Manuel Forcano who was born in 1968!)
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Long John Silver is a fictional character and the main antagonist in the novel Treasure Island (1883) by Robert Louis Stevenson
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