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3 days ago
Cuttings before winter freezzz: under the Spirea bush. When DH mowing grass, leaves blowing this direction and pile up. Sticks keeping them in place. When ground frozen(stable frozen) I will add more leaves and sticks on top of pile(to keep them knit) before BIG snow. Or - tight bunch cuttings and bury under ground (as low as tulips) At spring: dig out-ready to go under the jar in shady garden.
3 days ago
Another 2012 Westerland OP seedling:
12 days ago
Finding Roses.

Two recently found roses are a climber and a Scotch rose. My neighbours told me of this rose that had flowered for the first time this summer. Originally the lower part of their garden had been a kitchen garden with vegetables and fruit trees and a few flowering shrubs, some of which survive. Over the years it slowly reverted back to woodland until the current owners bought the house three years ago. The rose is prickleless with stems a greenish yellow colour almost like Cornus stolonifera 'Flaviramea'. It suckers madly, every root that sees the light near the soil surface sends up a shoot. The neighbours described the flowers as being somewhat like a camomile or feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) plant. The house is quite old potentially the rose could have been there for twenty or anything up to three hundred and fifty years. I have helped myself to a nice big clump.
The autumn colour is beginning in earnest now this year. Last week we had frosts and since then the weather has been calm with no gales. Like finding your first gray hairs as you turn thirty the leaves start slowly changing then suddenly their colour becomes apparent everywhere. Driving into town along the A386 this morning I suddenly noticed leaves that were an unusual reddish russet brown. My foot stabbed on the brake pedal and I quickly swung the car onto the verge, the passenger, my partner, is well used to this behaviour and barely flinched. It appears to be a Scotch rose that was just growing in the hedge. The soil is still a little dry and the weather a little warm for moving plants but needless to say I will be rustling a sucker from this rose in a few weeks time.
10/2: potted up two NOID cuttings from ground, 1 with white flower i e. The Tooth Fairy struck 8/9? 10/4 Cuttings: ToothFairyx2,Blossomtimex1&Paradex1 in ground; Bl x1&Paradex1 in cups.10/4:repotted Cl. Crimson Glory to large pot10/9: repotted Mme. CarolineTestout to large pot &planted Maggie in SW corner of upper bed.10/11: transplanted bubble bath to front of Northwest Fountain Bed and planted hydrangea/ tradescantia in its place . Transplanted Belinda to front of Northeast Fountain Bed and planted hydrangea and its Stead. 10/13: moved all cuttings and rootings to vestibule.
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