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6 AUG 16
So this one got hit by a howling gale the other day. The main stem was tall and rather spindly (came that way from the nursery) and unfortunately got broken off just above the union with the rootstock.

So, I now have a Tea that has unintentionally been pruned drastically. It'll be interesting to see if it sulks as badly as Teas are supposed to when things like this happen. There are two other small branches coming off the base. so hopefully they will pick up the slack and keep going.

The bit that had to be amputated has now been turned into cuttings. Some of them are a bit iffy (figured I might as well use it all) but some should be good to go. With a bit of luck, a nasty accident will result in me having several Delizy's for the price of one.

Anyway the black spot has cleared itself up, so no worries there.
Update - June 28, 2020.

This seems to be a very strong rose. Currently up to around 2.4m/8' in height, with a spread of slightly less than that. This is in a tough location, with frankly rather nasty soil, at the top of a bank on the eastern side of a dam. Fully exposed, gets any wind going, dry as a bone sometimes, and the bank was made from the clay subsoil that came out of the dam excavation. Soil has been improved on the downhill side, by adding stuff on top, but the western side is basically still the subsoil.

Huey root stock has sprouted a bit, but only a few canes occasionally.

Have found that care needs to be taken when cutting dead wood out of Delizy, since branches can look dead while still being alive. Having cut all the "dead" wood out of it yesterday (most of which really was dead) I have ended up with some hardwood cuttings which look like they might be viable. Apparently winter cuttings can work in this part of the world, so I've stuck some in a pot of perlite and will see how they go.

Why perlite? Because I happened to have some sitting around, and couldn't be bothered going out to find something else. Bottom ends of the cuttings were taken with a heel, and dipped in rooting gel.
29 JUN 16
Just received from Green E, on Dr. Huey rootstock since multiflora wasn't available at the moment.

Was somewhat concerned about the combination of Tea scion on Huey in our local acidic clay, but decided to give it a go. The plant has good structure, but is currently afflicted with moderate blackspot. Will have to see how it goes once planted out.

Am not too concerned, because as long as it makes some decent growth I can always take cuttings from it later and grow them on their own roots. I know from other people's experience that this will work well in my local conditions, and will result in healthy plants without requiring spraying.
3 FEB 14
*** Growing near Houston, TX: sub tropical zone 9a. Mild winters, hot, extremely humid summers that last half the year. ***

Purchased from Rose Petals Nursery December 2013

8/2014- vigorous so far, but the blooms have all been ugly balled brown things. I originally bought this to put in a tea row in the side yard visible to the public, but I'm having second thoughts...

2/2015- Planted in tea row anyway.

2/28/2017- Size is about 3x3. No complaints, it's been a good rose.

1/3/2018- had a heavy December bloom. Size is 3w by 4h. Dense, shrubby growth.
4/12/2022- My plant hasn't really grown much, but it seems happy. I looks absurd next to Safrano who is more than 10 feet around.
13 JAN 11
I would like to purchase this rose. Please email me if you know where I can purchase this rose. Thanks!
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