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Initial post today by JBNYC
Hello Michael,

I stumbled across Coffee Break roses at a wholesale florist a few weeks ago and fell in love with the color! (reminded me of a sunset)

Do you grow this rose in the US? If so, what zone are you in, and have you planted yours in the ground or in a container?

I can see that the breeder is Rosen Tantau in Germany, but I would love to find a US source if possible. Unfortunately, I am not having much luck on google. Any advice?

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Initial post 3 JAN 11 by SoCal Coastal Rosarian
David Austin rose much loved by Southern California rosarians. This rose has almost all the qualites desired in this group of roses. These qualities include form, fragrance, outstanding color, a very attractive well behaved plant, stems which hold the bloom well, remarkable remontancy, and resistance to mildew. It could use bit more vigor, then again, one cannot have everything. As such its important to get a budded plant. Makes a lovely tree rose. Solid exhibition credentials.
Reply #1 of 1 posted yesterday by jmile
I agree with you in your comments about Prospero. I live in zone 9B in the California Bay Area. This rose is one of the best in my garden. It's blooms are consistent winners at the rose shows. It is not a large plant, but it is constantly in bloom. The blooms are long lasting and hold their color well. It is a trooper in the heat of summer even in drought conditions.
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Initial post yesterday by jmile
Also available at K and M Roses.
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Initial post 13 OCT 12 by Scottrose82
This is my rating and comments for Reine Des Violettes


The blooms of Reine Des Violettes are amongst the most stunning i have seen. They are just as i like them to be. They are fully double, packed with an uncountable number of petals and a pretty button eye. Obviously the colour of the blooms is one of this roses main selling points. The colour is stunning. The only way i can describe it is to say that it starts as a beautiful deep pink and gradually over the space of a few days changes to a beautiful violet shade. As the flower ages further this colour becomes a beautiful violet grey shade! BREATHTAKING!! If you like these kind of shades like i do. They also stand up very well to rain and bad weather, and they get plenty of that where i come from.


The blooms of Reine Des Violettes have a beautiful almost fruity type fragrance. This is very strong and you may get a faint whiff of it carried on a summer breeze on a hot summers day. The fragrance reminds me of a lovely up market perfume/aftershave.

HEALTH 10/10

This rose is incredibly healthy in my zone 8 garden. The only problem i have comes from aphids! I have had no trouble with mildew or blackspot. BRILLIANT!!

Overall 28/30
Reply #1 of 1 posted yesterday by Andrew from Dolton
It grows really happily, healthily and repeats well in Devon, even in a cool damp part of the county. What part Scotland is zone 8?
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